Sometimes the most challenging part about lugging around a heavy tote of emotional baggage is talking about it. Bringing your deep wounds to the surface of conversation is sometimes just too much. But there are ways to lessen your emotional load without rehashing the trauma that weighs heavy on your heart.

That’s where the Emotion Code comes into play. Megan Smith of Harmony Restored is here to support you every stepping stone of the way. The Emotion Code identifies and releases subconscious baggage that directly contributes to physical, mental, and emotional struggles. Through muscle testing and a proprietary healing system, Megan can intimately link the mind-body connection (and yes — this can all be done virtually).

After suffering from years with anxiety, panic disorder, chronic stress, food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, and an auto-immune disease, Megan embarked on a journey to health — spending over 10 years researching, experimenting, and finally figuring out all the unique tools she needed to heal herself naturally.

Today, Megan shares with THE FULLEST how you can finally let go and release the emotional pain that has been tightly tugging your heartstrings.

Q: First, can you define for us the Emotion Code?

A: The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson in the early 1990s. The Emotion Code identifies and releases subconscious emotional baggage that directly contributes to someone’s physical, mental, and emotional struggles.

We go through life and build up small or large emotional stresses and traumas. If these emotions are not validated, processed, and released properly, the energy of the feeling can become trapped in the body. Even if we consciously remember the stressful situation, the subconscious always keeps track of our challenging experiences. Rather than moving forward, we can become stuck in patterns of self-sabotage, chronic negative emotions like anxiety and depression, physical pain, and illness.

The Emotion Code uses muscle testing to identify the specific trapped emotions triggering your physical, mental, and emotional struggles. Once the trapped emotions are identified, they are released, and you can move forward free from past stress and pain.

Q: Can you share a bit more about your own healing journey? How did you come to discover the Emotion Code?

A: After my youngest son was diagnosed with autism, I went on a healing journey to support him. I tried everything — diets, supplements, doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, etc. Nothing seemed to help him as much as I hoped, and in the meantime, my emotional and physical health started declining. The stress of parenting a child with autism — and trying so desperately to help him with no real positive movement forward — was taking its toll. In addition to trying to heal my son, I started down the slippery slope of “healing” myself too.

Cut to a few years later, when I had spent every last dollar and emotional reserve I had saved and I was feeling worse than I had in years. At that point, I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and PCOS. This was all getting worse while I was eating a “perfect” diet, taking loads of expensive supplements, meditating, seeing healers, and doing everything “right.” Nothing seemed to work for my son or me; I had mostly given up on ever feeling better.

A friend of mine knew how much we were struggling and told me she was getting certified in an energy healing modality called the Emotion Code and asked if she could work on my son and I. I was so exhausted and figured that nothing was going to help, but I wanted to be nice and let her work on us for her certification. So, she did. And that is when everything changed. That first day we had sessions, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. I was happy for no reason. I hadn’t felt that way in years, and it was so profound that I knew something good must be happening. My son’s autism-induced meltdowns started to calm down, and he started talking and making better eye contact. I couldn’t believe it.

I worked with my friend/practitioner for a few months — as I had years of built-up trapped emotions that needed to be released.

Each session, I would notice my symptoms resolving a little bit more, my anxiety decreasing, and my body relaxing. It was incredible.

Q: What was different about the Emotion Code? What did it unlock as a key to your healing?

A: I had always heard about the mind-body connection through my healing journey. But I never thought it pertained to me.

I had a physical illness that needed to be cured with physical things — food, exercise, supplements, etc. I figured I would work on my emotions later once I felt better. The Emotion Code was the missing piece of the puzzle that I was desperately looking for.

Once I released my trapped emotions, everything else started working. It empowered me to know how intimately connected my thoughts and emotions are to my physical and mental health. It also taught me how simple healing can be.

Our bodies don’t need expensive therapies and supplements. They just need release from old stresses.

Q: Can you explain the Heart Wall to our audience?

A: The Heart Wall is an actual energetic wall our subconscious will create when we are in situations where we feel we have to protect the core of who we are. People deal with heartache in many different ways, but we all feel a degree of needing to defend, shield, and protect ourselves from deep hurt.

Most people have a Heart Wall that they usually start building in childhood. In the moment of stress or pain, that wall is actually helpful — it helps protect our authentic selves. But, over time, that wall can create all sorts of issues.

The trapped emotions that create the Heart Wall become a filter that we see the world through, and alternatively, others see us through. It creates anxiety, depression, lack of connection with others, feeling like an outsider, unexplained chest pains, upper back/shoulder/neck pain, and poor communication skills. When our authentic self is blocked, we end up making big life decisions — relationships, career paths, etc. — without our intuition guiding us.

Clearing the Heart Wall is such a fun process as a practitioner. This is when I get to see my clients truly starting to thrive. I have seen people heal from chronic health issues, start businesses, get out of toxic relationships, find the love of their life, and create the life they have always wanted.

Q: Are there any particular issues that the Emotion Code is best at treating?

A: I have been doing Emotion Code in my private practice for ten years. I have seen Emotion Code help people with every physical disease you can think of. I’ve seen it help people find new healthy relationships. I’ve seen it release people from years of physical and emotional pain. Any ailment we endure will always have some emotional underlying cause, and Emotion Code can help with all of it.

Q: You offer a practice called Rooted in Health? What does that entail?

A: In my work with private clients, I do a lot of emotional wellness coaching alongside the Emotion Code. I teach people about the nature of their thoughts, where their emotions come from, emotional regulation skills, etc. I created the Rooted in Health online course as a way for a wider audience to access all the skills I teach my private clients.

Rooted in Health offers specific tools to heal emotional baggage and feel more relaxed, grounded, and present. It is designed for those suffering from anxiety, depression, stresses, and any type of physical or emotional pain. It’s a great option for people who aren’t quite ready to jump in with the Emotion Code but would like some skills to regulate their moods and emotions.

Q: What are some of the most impactful results you see in clients? For example, issues that have been resolved?

A: It’s always so difficult to pick out just one story. But there is one in particular that I think about often. I have a client who is a dancer; she had been dealing with pain in her shoulder for decades, which negatively impacted her career. During our first session on the phone, her pain immediately lifted. It still hasn’t come back — and that was over five years ago!

I also love watching my non-verbal autistic children clients start talking. Nothing is quite as rewarding as that!

Q: Can this practice be done remotely?

A: Yes! I have been doing this work professionally for 10 years, and all of my remote clients get the same positive results as my in-person clients.

Q: What do you think people misunderstand about healing?

A: We have been led to believe that healing is much more difficult than it truly is.

Our bodies are innately wise and are always trying to heal. Sometimes we just need to move some old baggage out of the way first.

Just like we know a scrape on our knee will heal after cleaning the wound, our physical and emotional diseases can heal similarly.

Also, our issues often have their root in emotional stress — not toxins or unhealthy foods like what is so commonly portrayed in alternative wellness culture.

Q: What would you offer to anyone curious about the Emotion Code?

A: Give it a try. It’s simple and non-invasive.

It’s not talk therapy, so you don’t have to rehash a whole bunch of trauma.

I was skeptical at first too! It’s never going to hurt to try; you only have the possibility of it helping. I offer free consultation calls if anyone has specific questions about the work.

Megan Smith is the founder of Harmony Restored, a company focused on helping individuals heal from the stress that is at the root of their physical and emotional pain. Megan is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, author of two e-books on healing, a reiki healer, and mom to 3. After suffering from years with anxiety, panic disorder, chronic stress, food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, and an auto-immune disease, she went on a journey to health — spending over 10 years researching, experimenting, and finally figuring out all the unique tools she needed to naturally heal herself.

Megan shares her healing work privately with one-on-one clients, and also empowers women on a global scale through her proprietary healing system called Rooted In Health. Megan is passionate about helping individuals and families create radiant health, effortless joy, lasting energy, and fully participate in their life again. Be sure to tune into our Instagram Live here if you’re looking to learn a bit more!

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