Nature’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac for Him & Her

02.02.2023 Life
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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we are swooning. After all, is there anything more beautiful than a day that honors love in all her forms? If you’re coupled up or flying solo, there’s no better time to celebrate romance, be it with yourself or your partner.

To help set the mood and amp up the intimacy we’re giving away a free Strands of Sunshine™ saffron threads with every Saffron Soaks Bath Bundle! (Just use code SELFLOVE at checkout!)

On that topic, did you know saffron actually boosts libido? Read on for ways to use Nature’s most luxurious spice in your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

His & Hers Aphrodisiac

Since ancient times, people have been using saffron as an aphrodisiac, and they were onto something. Today, science confirms that saffron does indeed boost libido for both sexes.

For women, ingested saffron boosts their arousal and also their lubrication. For men, the crocin compound of saffron also helped with libido and also their stamina. Studies have also shown that saffron can be helpful for Prozac-induced erectile dysfunction.

Self Love Bath Fit For a Queen

When we think of self-love role models, there’s probably no one better than Cleopatra. She was a true queen in every sense of the word, and as much as she embodied her power, she also dived deep into the feminine arts of beauty rituals. One of her favorite practices was a saffron bath that has been credited to her legendary complexion. So if you’re looking to honor your inner queen this Valentine’s Day, may we suggest our Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath that contains high-grade saffron and organic goat’s milk powder?

Again, if this is a day to connect with yourself or share your heart with another, saffron can literally add some spice to your love life.

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