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02.21.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Today is a special episode for THE FULLEST. We were fortunate enough to speak to Kundalini Yoga teacher Shabadpreet, the CEO of RA MA. As you’ll hear, the late founder of RA MA Institute, Guru Jagat, had a significant impact on not just the life of Shabadpreet but also Nikki and may also have had a pivotal role in some of our listeners’ lives.

After Guru Jagat’s sudden and unexpected death in 2021, Shabadpreet served as Guru Jagat’s Chief of Staff, implementing Guru Jagat’s trail-blazing vision and supporting the fruition of RA MA’s physical and digital expansion from a wellness start-up to an internationally recognized global phenomenon.

In this episode, we learn about the origins of RA MA, the power of Kundalini yoga practices, and the continuation of Guru Jagat’s legacy.

Topics we cover: 

  • Shabadpreet’s first meeting and journey with Guru Jagat
  • The amount that Guru Jagat was able to accomplish in 8 years from the opening of the first Venice RA MA studio and beyond her death
  • The power of regular practice to become a supportive tool to navigate through anything in life – including grief
  • Kundalini Yoga’s ability to act as an adaptogenic
  • The components of Kundalini that separate it from other forms of yoga
  • Its ability to regulate hormones and brain chemistry
  • Its immediate impact that can be felt within 3-5 minutes as opposed to other practices that can take longer to get to the same state
  • The anti-aging effect of Kundalini yoga and the way it offsets the natural decline of the endocrine system
  • Mental health as the foundation of wellness
  • The fact that stress is unavoidable and what people need is less information and a practical tool
  • Guru Jagat’s legacy of genuine community and of creating your own definition of spirituality
  • The continuation of RA MA’s mission to bring Kundalini to life across many facets of life from business, to relationships, to healing, to parenting, to travel.

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