Your Immunity & Your Mouth with Dr. Victor Zeines

01.10.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Welcome back to THE FULLEST Podcast. We’re excited to launch our first episode of 2023 with holistic dentist Dr. Victor Zeines. A pioneer of holistic dentistry for over 25 years, you may have read his foreword in Nadine Artemis’ book, Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. As you’ll hear in this episode, Dr. Victor is a font of information on the body-mouth connection. This episode is a must if you’ve been looking to educate yourself on this often-overlooked area of wellness. And if you want to take your study even further, check out his Institute for Living a Longer Life and his extensive online courses!

Topics we discuss: 

  • Dr. Victor’s journey from traditional dentistry to nutrition to holistic dentistry, plus a foray into chiropractic studies and the ways this shaped his unique approach
  • Oral health signs such as tongue color and plaque build-up may indicate you actually have a gut or body-related health issue
  • The importance of healing your gut to heal your mouth and vice versa
  • The power of our immune system as it pertains to our oral health
  • Emerging dental technologies such as stem cells and magnets that are helping pave the way for a future that will see us reverse oral health issues

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