December finds us feeling far more expansive than we did in November. We’re past the eclipses, and well into Sagittarius Season. Despite Mars’ Retrograde, we’re feeling more mobile and free, less weighed down.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of travel, publishing, philosophy broadcasting, higher education, law, and belief. It governs the conscious mind, the ability to weave narrative and draw wisdom from experience.

Sagittarius can be quite frank, revealing truths and opinions through humor or satire. But there’s generosity and benevolence too, a readiness to see the bigger picture.

As we move through December and into Capricorn and The New Year, we’re exploring new horizons and making new plans.

Capricorn harnesses Sagittarius’s voyage into a discernible, clear goal. We’ve been around the world (again literally or metaphorically), landed home on our feet and ready to get to work. We have a whole new quest to pursue, a whole new road of self-discovery. Which is why, the theme for this month is JOURNEYING.

Journeying can be literal or metaphorical, it’s the passage from one place to another and the learnings integrated along the way. It’s rarely direct; we can find we’ve backtracked or leapfrogged, zig zagging our way. But this is no fool’s errand. Like all the great epics in the canon, our protagonist sets out into the world. With each encounter, their worldview matures. If we were to liken Sagittarius to a Disney character, almost any beloved main character in the collective unconscious would fit — from Mowgli to Ariel to Alice. Each has an adventurous spirit. Each has a desire to know, first hand, the world beyond their immediate environment. But it’s the journey itself, the experience, and the metabolizing that makes their odysseys so memorable and interesting.

Full Moon Gemini December 7th PST

Speaking of interesting, we have a Full Moon in Gemini the night (US time) of December 7th. Here, the Sun in Sagittarius opposes the Moon in Gemini, conjunct Mars Retrograde and square Neptune. It’s a slippery slope and a bit surreal. Yet, Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is situated in pragmatic Capricorn, which wants to keep it all contained. In typical Gemini fashion, there’s a lot going on here, conversations are topical and frequent, anger may be brewing underneath, ready to burst due to Mars and it could make for a fascinating, comedic, or disruptive dinner party. In other words, it’s a mixed bag of thoughts and feelings. We may be battling others’ righteousness, or our own. Curiosity and a healthy dose of humor allow us to navigate this potentially kaleidoscopic hall of mirrors.

New Moon Capricorn December 22nd Pst

Come the morning of December 22nd (US time), we have the Capricorn New Moon, just a day after the Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) and the start of Capricorn Season. This lunation, square Jupiter, which is newly in Aries, has some gusto. There’s optimism here and a willingness to start something new. We’re looking for structure and elevation, as we work through our fears, fortify our backbones, and journey onwards. An organic and sustainable model will reveal itself with each step forward, buoyed by our underlying intentions and missions.

Cosmic Rx

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Danielle Beinstein is a psychological and intuitive astrologer based in Nashville. She currently offers one-on-one sessions as well as her monthly online membership and courses program, The Cosmic Compass. You can find more on both offerings at and for more regular astrological musings, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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