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It’s that time of year again, and in the spirit of showering our loved ones in gifts but not at the expense of the planet, we’ve pulled together some meaningful shopping tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years. Whether it’s sustainable gifts, conscious materials, or some good old fashioned recycling — there are endless ways to buy thoughtfully for everyone on your wishlist and for Mother Earth. You’ll also find our picks of the bunch from some of our favorite brands that’ll ensure everyone on your wishlist gets a gift they love.

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Holiday Shopping Tips

Shop Local

Keeping our community’s economy thriving is a win-win-win all year round but especially at this time of year. Rather than give your gift buying dollars to larger organizations, pay it forward to the brands, business, restaurants, and farmers in your area.

Here’s a few of our ideas:

  • Look out for local holiday pop-ups in your neighborhood, not only are you supporting local businesses and artisans, you’ll probably also pick up some one-of-a-kind and quality made gifts.
  • Rather than going straight to the mall, look for smaller businesses both in your hometown that offer something similar.
  • Are you hosting? Pick up your groceries at local co-ops, produce stores, and farmers markets.
  • Remember that supporting your community doesn’t always mean geographically. Is there an online brand or business that you feel connected to? Support them over the holiday period and introduce the products you love to friends and family.

Shop Sustainably

It can be hard to be “perfectly” sustainable, especially when we’re in the season of parties and gift giving. Rather than get overwhelmed, do the best you can and be at peace with that.

  • Plan ahead as much as possible. Try to not leave things until the day or week before the holidays as you’re most likely to stress purchase. This can lead to grabbing something that you know isn’t quite right for the person you’re buying for (and therefore probably won’t be used), more sustainable brands being sold out, or overspending.
  • Read the “about” section on brands’ websites to see if they share your sustainability values. Each of us has a different definition of sustainability. Perhaps you like to see that the brand is genuinely trying and making an inroad in their environmental policies, or perhaps you need a harder level of commitment such as a B Corp Certification or supplier transparency. Either way, most brands clearly detail their commitments on their sites and it’s worth having a quick look at before you hit “add to cart.”
  • Consider subscriptions of non-physical gifts. Sometimes it’s nicer to receive a service than a product. A few things that can make gorgeous gifts are lymphatic massages, ozone therapy, natal charts readings, online courses, and subscriptions.
  • Buy in bulk. For example, if you have a few friends that share a love for clean beauty — why not scoop them a few different products from the same site such as Living Libations or Goop and reduce your shipping imprint? The same goes for food. This is the one time of year that you’ll probably want to be slightly over-catered for random drop-ins and unexpected plus-ones. Buying larger value packs can help make sure you’re prepared and also saves you money. Our Warm Feelings™ saffron latte in bulk size is a great one to have on hand for a nightcap at dinner parties or a coffee alternative for your overnight guests or afternoon visitors. Each pack has 100 servings!

Be Conscious of Materials You Are Buying

Unfortunately, there’s a difference between products labeled environmentally friendly and materials that are also non-toxic. If you’re looking for a deeper dive — check out this article that breaks down this topic in more nuance.

Shipping & Wrapping Recommendations

Get creative and have some fun with your wrapping solutions this holiday season. A few tips:

  • Paper brown grocery bags make excellent wrapping paper. Just add some of your favorite twine or ribbon and you’re away.
  • If you’re a lover of color — look for recycled paper options that can be pretty much found everywhere these days from your local Ralph’s to paper artists and high-end gift boutiques.
  • Once you’ve opened your goodies, save ribbons and bags. Allocate them to a special box and tuck them away for easy reach next year.
  • Have friends that live overseas or interstate? Buy gifts from their hometowns and get them locally delivered. This cuts down the shipping costs and carbon footprint of having things sent internationally or cross country.


For the Self-Taught Herbalist

For the friend that just gets plants and their medicine.

My Personal Assistant: Manage Christmas shopping, overwhelm, and irritability from that one family member that drops over unannounced with this flower remedy.

First Aid Kid: You can’t avoid people during the holidays but you can avoid them making you sick with this all-purpose flower remedy.

Sun Moon Mist: An energetic space cleanser spray. (Pro-tip, mist this before and after hosting).

Moon Canyon: Crafted by true plant whisperers, there’s something extra special about these formulations.

Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules: Made with the clinically recommended dose of saffron to help boost mood and even treat depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Mindful Immunity™ super protection syrup: If you have PTSD from childhood cough syrup, this potent elixir tastes delicious and fights infections.

Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend: This custom herbal blend is a true gift that genuinely changes lives and can treat debilitating cramps, support fertility, and aid in postpartum.

For the Self-Care Lover

Body oils, baths, and beyond — we’ve got something for every natural beauty.

Wildling Beauty: Gua sha is having a moment but not all tools are the same. These patented stones are designed by an acupuncturist and you can feel (and see) the difference.

Nucifera Body: An all-purpose balm that plumps, softens, heals, and soothes. Excellent for time-poor moms and those that like their beauty regime simple.

C & The Moon: Made in Malibu, this exfoliating scrub supports lymphatic drainage and leaves skin luxuriously smooth.

Keep Well Kept Razor: A great stocking stuffer, these sustainable razors look stunning in shower caddies and support the earth.

Canopy: The Canopy is insanely popular and for good reason. Part humidifier, part air filter, part aromatherapy – this will instantly turn their bathroom or bedroom into a day spa.

Living Libations: We’ve all got that skincare bestie that knows her stuff. Gift them the all star in clean beauty with anything from Nadine Artemis’ line. For 15% off your Living Libations order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath: Did you know that Cleopatra soaked in saffron for beauty benefits? This soak goes one step further with natural probiotics that replenish the microbiome of your skin.

Exheal™ soothing saffron salt bath: Help them detox the holidays with this soak that aids digestion and uses select essential oils to calm the nervous system.

Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle: Pelvic steaming is once again returning to women’s self-care. A deeply cleansing practice that can help women support their reproductive health, connect to their cycle, and deepen their intuition. This bundle has everything they need to make the ritual their own.

Agent Nateur: Honestly, we don’t know if there is a brand that is as sensual, sophisticated, and effective as Agent Nateur. Imbued with powerful botanicals, these luxury products genuinely work — try their cult deodorant or Holimane for lush locks.

Surya Spa: Internationally recognized Ayurvedic expert, Martha Soeffer, brings doshic guidance to a range of wellness and beauty products. They also offer vouchers to their Panchakarma and spa treatments.

Araza BeautyThis clean beauty brand takes it another level with makeup that mimics the way we eat. It’s loaded with tons of superfoods, organic oils, and healthy fats but is very low in PUFAs (read up here on the reasons this is important!). Use code NikkiBostwick15 for 15% off your order.

For the Splurge Worthy

Spoil the person on your list who really needs to feel loved with one of these big ticket items. Pool your funds together with family and friends and make them feel extra special.

Goodland Wood Burning Hot Tub: Elemental and magical, woodfired bathing under the stars or the trees is a restorative and transformative experience. Gift them this simple pleasure full of natural riches that far surpasses the price tag.

Or & Elle: Jewelry is a meaningful and precious way to show your love. However, the unethical diamond industry can often make us feel icky. This high-luxury diamond marries lab-grown diamonds and century-old craftsmanship to create pieces that are guaranteed to become family heirlooms that you can feel good about.

Somavedic: EMFs are unavoidable but this device can help reduce your loved ones exposure and alleviate geopathic stress.

Molekule: Help them stress less and breathe easy this holiday season. This award-winning air purifier uses PECO technology and is ozone free.

The Light Phone: Give the gift of less mindless scrolling, clickbait news, and anxiety feeds and more human connection. This phone is made to be used as little as possible but still keeps them contactable. A true game changer.

For the Athleisure Lover

For the yogis, the hikers, and the always moving.

MATE the Label: This clothing line masters organic essentials that are clean from seed to skin. Their timeless designs have something for everyone on your list and include a kids, mens, and women’s line plus activewear, intimates, and sleepwear. For 20% off your MATE order, use code fullest20 at checkout!

Bluejay Electric Bicycles: No matter what kind of riders are in your family — recreational cruisers, avid cyclists, vintage bike lovers, or anyone in between — there’s a Bluejay electric bike for everyone. Fun and better for the planet, you’ll never look back. Use code NIKKI20 for 20% off now through the end of the year!

Bennd: This Ayurvedic and medicinal yoga mat and textile brand have created products that actually heal the human body. For $20 off your Bennd order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

For the Effortlessly Stylish (& Sustainably) Dressed

Our round up of design and climate-forward labels for your little ones, your girlfriends, moms, sisters, and even the men in your life.

Agnes Baddoo: Form meets function and luxury meets lifestyle with these stunning and highly crafted leather goods. Guaranteed to become their new go-to handbag.

Christy Dawn: More than sustainable, Christy Dawn is a regenerative fashion label. Feminine and timeless, their designs honor the women in your life and Mother Earth. Use code 15Nikki for 15% off any full priced styles. And for this holiday season, use code 35Nikki for an extra discount on their holiday sale.

Alex Crane: Made using breezy fabrics (like sustainable linens) this line feels good on the skin and looks effortless. They also have looks for everyone from your fashionable four-year-old to your dad who really needs a wardrobe update. For 15% off your Alex Crane order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Simple Folk: Looking for kids and baby clothes that are play-friendly, ethical, easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy on the senses? Simple Folk has the sweetest and functional range for the little ones on your wishlist. Use code THEFULLEST for 10% off your Simple Folk until the end of the year.

Wol Hide: Made in Peru and America using small factory and artisan practices, these organic alpaca and pima cotton sweaters are the coziest and the most timeless. A perfect seasonal gift that’ll become their favorite winter sweater for now and years to come. Use code FULLEST15 for 15% off your Wol Hide order (good until 12/31).

For the Farm to Table Foodie & Hostess With the Mostess

If their love language is cooking, return the favor with these kitchen and hosting must-haves.

Evermill: Turn unruly spice drawers into works of art — comes complete with organic herbs.

Nutr Machine: We love knowing exactly what’s in the food we eat, which is why we love making our own alternative milk. The Nutr Machine makes it super easy & it makes a single-serving amount, so you can have fresh milk everyday without wasting your high quality ingredients!

Strands of Sunshine™ saffron threads: This exotic pantry staple elevates risottos, pastas, baked goods, and more — plus it’s anti-inflammatory and mood and beauty boosting.

Be Love Farm: From the masterminds behind Cafe Gratitude comes a farm stay like no other. Gift a weekend away, farming class, or a voucher to their farm store for the freshest produce.

Warm Feelings™ saffron latte jar: This is truly a hug in a mug. Perfect for anyone and everyone that needs some warm feelings in the form of a creamy latte. The sachets are also great for smaller gifts, stocking stuffers, or a Secret Santa.

Barberry Beauty Jam: The ultimate hostess gift! Make a bunch of these and never show up empty handed.

For the Saffron Obsessed

Might we suggest the Fully Committed Bundle for your health-obsessed friend? It includes our full line that incorporates the clinically proven healing benefits of saffron in every format from bathing to steaming, and tinctures to lattes.

Includes: Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules, Strands of Sunshine™ saffron threads, Mindful Immunity™ super protection syrup, Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath, Exheal™ soothing saffron salt bath, Saffron Soaks Bundle, Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle and Warm Feelings™ saffron latte jar.

*No purchase or credit card information necessary to win, enter, or claim prize. Giveaway ends 12/12 at 11:59 pm PST. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway open to all 50 US states. One winner will be chosen randomly on 12/13 and contacted via Instagram DM. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.

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