Natural Fire Mitigation with Star Creek Land Stewards

12.13.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Bianca Artadi Soares is a fourth-generation, Basque sheep rancher and Vice President for Star Creek Land Stewards, and expert on all things targeted grazing. If you’re wondering what targeted grazing exactly is, it’s a comprehensive and sophisticated livestock technique that supports wildfire prevention, land regeneration, and animal welfare. It’s also becoming more common than you may think with council, community, and even individuals realizing the value of sustainable grazing and property management. Passionate about her legacy, industry, and community, Bianca also assists with the management of Talbott Sheep Co (her grandparents sheep outfit), serves on the Targeted Grazing Committee for California Wool Growers Association, and is on the Board of the California Sheep Commission. A true source of knowledge and lovely human being, tune in and learn about this ancient technique that is helping safeguard modern communities.

Some things we chat about:

  • Bianca’s family legacy as a Basque sheep rancher and their migration from the South of France and Spain to California bringing their trade and skill in the process
  • Grazing as a form of land regeneration
  • The way sustainable or targeted grazing actually works and its origins that date back to the beginning of human history
  • How individuals can swap out their lawn guy and get goats to graze their private properties
  • Grazing as an amazing regenerative solution (but not the only solution) that can help create fire safe communities
  • Erosion and animal welfare
  • The future of targeted grazing

This episode rounds out THE FULLEST Podcast for 2022! We’ll be taking a break for the holidays but we have tons of exciting podcast guests picking back up in the new year. Until then, have a happy holiday with your family and friends!

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