How to Free Yourself From Cramps Once and For All

12.01.2022 Life
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Most of us have had at least one bad period. However, for some of us they are an unwelcome and recurring phenomenon. Perhaps you even needed a doctor’s note at some point to skip high school gym class or later in life needed to take a sick day because the pain was that excruciating. We’re conditioned to think of this pain as a rite of passage or the price for being a woman. However, this is far from the truth. Also, the solution does not need to be over-the-counter medication or the pill. Read on for a natural and extremely effective treatment of period pain that many women in our community are swearing by.

But First, What Are Cramps Exactly?

Along with many other aspects of our female bodies, we weren’t actually taught the definition or science behind cramps. Cramps are actually contractions. Yes, like labor contractions, but for your period. Essentially, your body contracts to eliminate the lining of your uterus — this is normal. However, if they are too strong they can start to put pressure on nearby blood vessels and prevent oxygen to your pelvic area — thus causing cramps — this is not “normal.”

How to Cure Cramps Once and For All? Hint: It’s Not a New Technology

Just like how a lot of information has been withheld from us about our reproductive health — so too has the way to treat it. Perhaps it’s because conventional medicine was originally created by men and also treated women as “tiny men.” This is not to point the finger but merely to say that for whatever reason our unique needs were not considered. So, instead of looking to modern allopathic medicine, we turned our attention to traditional women’s wisdom and found the deeply healing practice of pelvic steaming. Practiced by women for centuries on nearly every continent around the world, this is a ritual that has stood the test of time — because it works.

What Is Pelvic Steaming? And How Does It Specifically Heal Painful Periods?

If we circle back to our previous point about cramps being contractions that are too intense, it makes sense that to heal them you need to create a relaxed contraction. Equally, you want to support oxygen and blood flow to the area so that it does not restrict blood vessels and cause a cramping pain. This is literally the way that pelvic steaming operates.

Firstly, the warmth of the steam gently permeates the reproductive area, soothing and relaxing the pelvic muscles. Secondly, it loosens the uterine wall and removes any stuck or old blood periods that were not completely eliminated in a previous period. This combination of increased blood flow and oxygen and soft uterine wall release eases pain and cramping.

Does Pelvic Steaming Really Work?

Perhaps you’re thinking, okay that makes sense in theory — but does this practice really work? Many of our clients (and women around the world) are converting to a steaming practice as part of their self-care routine because it’s the only thing that has actually made a tangible difference in their painful cycles. Actress and director, Logan Browning, recently posted on Instagram about the incredible results she had after using the Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend:

“I have had a debilitating first day (period) for years. I tried this yoni steam and saffron latte. The steam was amazing and for the first time in a long time, my period came and went like any other day. It was lighter, shorter, and painless.”

Other women have also stated, “I have noticed significant improvement with my period cramps! I do this two days before my cycle and I no longer have to rely on Advil!” and “This has sustainably improved my womb health.” If you like to research products before purchasing, you can read more about unpaid testimonials and reviews here to determine if it is right for you.

Is Pelvic Steaming Hard to Do?

Whenever we adopt a new practice it can seem difficult at first — but honestly, pelvic steaming is very easy and more importantly it’s also incredibly relaxing. Outside of its physical benefits, pelvic steaming can release long stored emotion. As we know, trapped emotions can often lead to physical discomfort and this is another way to help heal cramps. To create your practice, all you need is a stool or some pillows, a pot, and a herbal blend. Most of these items you probably have on hand but you can also purchase our Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle that comes with everything you need. Make sure to check out our resources and instructional videos here — and we hope that this beautiful practice provides you with the pain-free periods you deserve.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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