We’re All Just Human Beings with Danielle Beinstein

11.22.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Our resident astrologer, Danielle Beinstein, joins us for a deep and powerful conversation about the true meaning of astrology — to remember our humanity. As much as we can turn to the stars to help us reorient ourselves, it’s our connection to self, love, each other and the natural world that creates true change. Therefore, you’ll find this episode peppered with current cosmic themes but you’ll find more conversation around critical thinking, moving past cancel culture, rising above divisiveness, political events past and present, and growth and humility.

Specifically, we speak about:

  • The origins of astrology and its roots in Babylonian times
  • The intersection between religion, mythology, and astrology and its shared goal of trying to make sense of our time on earth
  • Dani’s cultural history growing up Jewish and her current worldview
  • Her younger self’s initial desire to become a rabbi and enter politics
  • The influence of Aquarius on the current collective
  • Anti-semitism from ancient tropes to Kanye
  • The importance of free speech, even if others’ opinions are challenging
  • Political homelessness and the personal satisfaction of voting
  • Pluto’s return on US politics and our astrological due date for revolution

Tune in for a conversation that squarely and maturely stares at current reality without losing sight of love and hope for a more peaceful future.

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