Tiny Organics on Building Healthy Food Habits

11.01.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome Carolyn O’Hare, co-founder of Tiny Organics, to THE FULLEST Podcast. Carolyn is well-versed in building and managing companies, formerly running operations at brands like FIJI Water and Beyond Meat. However, now she has turned her talents to Tiny Organics, an early childhood nutrition company focused on shaping baby and toddler palates to prefer vegetables. Since the company started, Tiny Organics have raised $14M in venture capital and have grown to serve customers nationwide. A very impressive feat for a small but mighty team of eight people!

All of this is to say that we got to talk to Carolyn about so many of our favorite things from the best ways to nourish our little ones, to the challenges and gifts of running a DTC business during COVID, and the art of balancing life as a founder and as a mom.

Some things we discuss:

  • The reality and widespread nature of food deserts
  • The importance of introducing whole foods to kids at a younger age
  • Tiny Organics rise that Carolyn attributes to a genuine need and the power of parents’ word of mouth
  • Managing a huge supply chain role during the pandemic and current state of the world
  • Carolyn’s life and work balance being COO of a business and also of a family
  • Managing stress and anxiety by doing your best to prepare, fixing the things you can, and releasing control over the things you can’t

If you’re also interested in anything that runs the gamut from toddler nutrition to sage business advice, make sure to listen in! 

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