THE FULLEST Scopes: Scorpio Season Calls For Tenacity

11.02.2022 Life
Danielle Beinstein
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November finds us rocked out of our comfort zone.

Scorpio Season pierces the veil, confronting us with our own complexity, shadow, and various entanglements. Engaging in shame and blame keeps us locked in the same cycles again and again. Growth — true growth — comes from personal responsibility, grit, and tenacity; a willingness to look one’s self straight in the face.

Scorpio is self-contained and penetrating, unsatisfied with surface chatter. This month with the Lunar Eclipse and its fallout, we are reminded of the old saying only death and taxes (both Scorpio themes!) are guaranteed. There’s a certain kind of steeliness to Scorpio. No matter the circumstances, it perseveres. Towards the end of the month on November 22nd, Scorpio gives way to Sagittarian exploration and optimism; we’ll be seeking new heights drawn from ancient depths.

The theme for this month is: TENACIOUS

Definition of tenacious:

  • Not easily pulled apart; cohesive
  • Persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired
  • Retentive

There’s a whole lot of letting go on the conscious path. And yet, we rarely talk about retention and the things that needs to be held: our sense of integrity, our core, and our soul’s code. There are places within us no one can reach. Herein lies our eternal strength. There’s a difference between secrecy and privacy. Secrecy is often rooted in shame. Privacy, however, is a choice, a negotiated boundary. Some things are sacred and uneasily parsed. This recognition of depth is incredibly empowering. In centering ourselves in ourselves, we actually set ourselves free.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse | November 8, 2022 | 3:02 am PST

Expect the unexpected. Uranus, which can bring change and reversals and liberation, is involved. So is Saturn, the planet of adulting, responsibility, and maturation. We’re getting a values wake up call. What is it that we own? What’s it worth to us? In other words, what really matters? Taurus prefers the slow, steady, and predictable but it’s experiencing anything but. Eclipses have a way of collapsing time. What once felt far away is suddenly here. This is an ongoing story, one which began last November. Yet Eclipses run on 19 year cycles; if we think back to Autumn of 2023, we’ll see similar themes emerging. A reminder that cosmic wisdom is guiding us, always. Our minds and egos are limited in scope. Staying open, this is the key. Placing immediate judgment robs us of presence and wonder. Perhaps the Eclipse will bring another perspective, a new vantage point. Or better yet, greater connection to our technicolor world. We aren’t separate from nature, despite our mental protestations. Our bodies never lie.

Sagittarius New Moon | November 23, 2022 | 2:37 pm PST

After a tumultuous few weeks (or should I say months!?), we welcome this auspicious New Moon in expansive, optimistic, and adventurous Sagittarius. True, Sagittarius can possess a know-it-all attitude, but it’s also forever in search of wisdom, seeking new experiences from which to draw. This New Moon involves Sagittarius’s benevolent ruler Jupiter. The possibilities feel endless, the unknown – if we embrace it as such – a wide open vista. An excellent time to explore our underlying beliefs, the narratives and stories we tell ourselves. Sagittarius is also the humorist and satirist of the Zodiac. Have we become a society devoid of comedy? The Jester is the truth-teller. Our relationship to humor reveals a great deal about our mental state. When was the last time we had a belly laugh? Crying and laughing are, after all, the same release.

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Danielle Beinstein is a psychological and intuitive astrologer based in Nashville. She currently offers one-on-one sessions as well as her monthly online membership and courses program, The Cosmic Compass. You can find more on both offerings at and for more regular astrological musings, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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