Healing Your Birth Imprint with Dana Penenberg

11.29.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

A lot of holistic birth support focuses on mothers giving birth in real time — and obviously that is hugely important. However, there’s another aspect of healing that is equally impactful and necessary – healing our own birth stories. Today, we welcome Dana Penenberg, a holistic birth coach and radical birthkeeper to both mother and baby. Utilizing the modalities of craniosacral, somatic healing, inner child work, and birth imprint healing — as well as drawing on her knowledge of pre and perinatal psychology — there’s really not many people doing work on this level. Compassionate and knowledgeable, Dana really opened our eyes to birth and the way it shapes us not just as we arrive into the world but over the course of our lives.

Topics we discuss: 

  • The similarities between healing and birth
  • What is radical birthkeeping and Dana’s training
  • General (but non-prescriptive) links between types of birth and trauma
  • The importance of healing your own birth and the way it can unlock repeating patterns and emotions
  • Asking questions about your mom’s experience of your birth
  • The ever unfolding layers and non-linear path of healing your birth story

If you’re a parent, expecting, or even if you have zero intention of having kids — there is something for everyone to learn and heal from in this episode.

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