Lemons have been considered a powerful healer in wellness for some time. Everyone from the Medical Medium to holistic nutritionists have spoken about the power of beginning the day with a glass of lemon water.

Most of us are aware that citrus fruit packs a high dose of vitamin C and lemon in particular is full of this immune system-boosting nutrient. However, lemon also has a ton of other lesser known benefits that can support us throughout our day.

Cancer-Fighting Compounds

Although further research is needed, early studies have shown that limonene and naringenin (two plant compounds found in citrus) have proven to have anticancer fighting effects. Other studies also suggest that multiple serves of citrus fruits can be helpful in the prevention of digestive and pancreatic cancers.

Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Lemon has been shown to increase the amount of collagen in your skin promoting hydration and smoothing fine lines naturally. It is also great for helping with acne and lightening up dark spots.

Helps with Digestion

It’s lemon’s acidity that helps you break down the food in your stomach and your digestion process. It can also help loosen toxins in your GI tract and reduce bloating!

Alleviates Allergy Symptoms

Lemon is full of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. The combination of these two elements act as a natural antihistamine and natural decongestant, helping allergy sufferers keep symptoms at bay.

It’s Hyper Alkalizing

It might sound counterintuitive but along with being acidic, lemon is also very alkaline. Outside of the body, it’s clearly acidic but once metabolized it actually becomes alkaline with a pH well above 7.

Adding Lemon Into Your Day

From a morning glass of lemon water, to a squeeze of lemon over a lunchtime salad, or a warm lemon and honey tea before bed time, lemon is easy to incorporate into your day. You can also find it in our Mindful Immunity™ super protection syrup that uses the immunity-boosting properties of lemon and combines them with other plant powerhouses including elderberry and berberine.

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