End of Life Planning with Lantern

10.04.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Birth and death are polar — but equally important parts of life — and yet, there is nowhere near as much financial, medical, and social infrastructure and support for navigating the end of life as there is the start of life. Today’s guest, Liz Eddy, is the founder of Lantern — a company that offers free, custom roadmaps to make sure you or a loved one have everything in order. In this episode, Liz tackles some less spoken about aspects of death and planning and helps us reframe it from something to be feared to something that can actually be empowering. In fact, studies have found that by facing our death and getting everything in order has brought people more peace.

A few topics we dive into:

  • Liz’s personal experience with death and end of life planning at a young age
  • Acknowledging that death of a loved one can happen at any life stage such as at the birth of a child and during wedding planning, plus ways to navigate this
  • Dying well and the way that can look from sustainable end of life ceremonies, to dying at home with loved ones, to removing financial stress
  • Giving the gift of organization to your loved ones and putting in procedures in place so that they don’t need to do things like shut down your social media accounts and can spend time grieving
  • The reason that Americans don’t talk about death such as our fixation with “defeating death” (a concept that exists even in wellness and the industry’s focus on longevity)
  • Planning your end of life doesn’t need to be at once — you can do it piece by piece and in a way that is comfortable to you

This is a really powerful conversation that everyone can benefit from and reminds us that there is an opportunity for us to face our death with care, consideration, and conversation. 

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