Day-by-Day with Serena Mitnik-Miller

10.25.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

On the podcast this week, California artist, designer, and surfer, Serena Mitnik-Miller joins the show. A devoted mother and the doyenne of hand-crafted California modernism, she is exceptionally talented in her own right, but you may know as the founder of General Store. The store’s two locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles are tireless champions for other makers and artists sharing their works – including a few of our own products such as our Warm Feelings™ Saffron Latte, Mindful Immunity™ Super Protection Syrup, Strands of Sunshine™ Saffron Threads, and both of our bath soaks! Getting stocked in General Store was a dream of Nikki’s and we are honored to both be on their stunning shelves as well as get to speak to Serena about her vision, her business, and her life in general.

Some things we chat about:

  • The origins of General Store
  • Her love of creating calming homes and spaces for herself, family, and others
  • Her upbringing as the child of artists and nature lovers and its influence on her own eye
  • Balancing co-parenting and running a business
  • Navigating change and the inevitable highs and lows of life
  • Championing the brands in her store 
  • Recognizing the many people and talents that have shaped General Store 

If you have a love for design, home, and natural materials — this one’s for you. Equally, if you’re a small business owner, Serena generously shares about her journey and it is both inspiring and comforting to know that even the most successful founders face the same challenges such as working motherhood, a post-pandemic world, and balancing our personal and professional lives day-by-day.

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