This month, we welcome our founder’s husband, Eric Bostwick, to THE FULLEST Faves. Outside of his day job as an Asset Manager, Eric is our go-to-guy at THE FULLEST HQ for all the heavy lifting (both literally and mentally). Plus, he always does it with a smile on his face – thank you, Eric! Read on for Eric’s picks that include a ton of sustainable men’s clothing and sporting goods — and the face oil he’s sharing with Nikki. This one’s great to forward to all the athletic dudes in your life (not to mention, these make great gifts for the upcoming holidays)!

Oestra Bio Raw Ski Goggles

As a fan of outdoor activities, I’ve noticed that the gear increasingly has more plastic and is becoming less sustainable. It is interesting that in an industry that values the outdoors, it is near impossible to find gear that actually matches those beliefs or standards. I love these ski and snowboard goggles because they function like any other high-performance goggles but they’re made from 90% bio-based material — and they look good!

Hylo Running Shoes

I am told I am very particular about my feet and shoes. I have tried several different brands of running shoes but I am never comfortable. I finally found a pair of running shoes that fit incredibly well and meet my goal of being made from natural materials. They are made from corn, natural rubber, organic cotton, algae, and in the entire shoe, only .08% polyester.

Organic Grass-Fed Tennis String

As my son Truth gets into tennis, Nikki and I have started to get into it as well. When we get into a new activity, I like to research and find companies that are making organic and natural items specifically for that activity. I was very surprised to find a tennis string made from the intestines of organic, grass-fed cows. Tennis strings have been made from natural gut for as long as the sport has been played — so that part wasn’t hard — but finding an organic, grass-fed cow version was an amazing discovery. In Luxilon’s description, they say it has a stronger collagen level, making it last longer than most synthetic strings on the market.

French Squirrel Date Chocolate

At the moment, I am avoiding anything with added honey, maple syrup, or any processed sweeteners — including date syrup. Again, this is easier said than done. In terms of beverages and condiments, there are several widely available brands that are devoid of sugar or sweeteners but it’s much more difficult to find organic and clean products in the dessert section. French Squirrel has whole dates stuffed with either peanut butter or almond butter, and are covered in 100% cacao, and topped with sea salt. They are delicious — and are my go-to when I am not being super strict on the sweet stuff.

Agent Nateur Holi Oil

This is a face oil that Nikki got me into. Obviously, I don’t use a thousand serums but this is something that we both use everyday and I actually love the way it makes my skin feel.

Sabah Shoes

These are the only types of shoes I have in my closet (besides a few running and hiking shoes). I have been wearing them for years and have created a little collection — almost 30 pairs between the shoes, slip-ons, and shearling-lined, house slip-ons! The thing I love about Sabah is that I can wear the same pair to a meeting, nice dinner, the beach, a wedding, or whatever and not look or feel out of place. They also look even better with age so I plan on never getting rid of a single pair! They are handmade in Turkey and now a select few styles are also made in El Paso, TX. Check them out!

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