The Akashic Portal with Hilary Pearlson

09.27.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Are you looking to connect with your intuition or inner knowing? Have you heard of the Akashic Records? Today’s guest is Hilary Pearlson and Akashic Records reader and founder of The Dreamerie. She’s also just launched The Akashic Portal — a part community, part course that helps you read your own records. At this point, you might be wondering — what are the Akashic Records? Essentially, they’re an energetic library of every thing your soul has done in this lifetime and in past lifetimes to help you co-create your future. Like us, upon hearing this you probably have a thousand questions.

Some topics we get into:

  • Hilary’s journey from fashion school to having to go experience a bone marrow transplant and eventually finding the records
  • What exactly are the Akashic Records?
  • How the Akashic Records connect you with your masters, teachers, and loved ones
  • How best to use them and the types of questions to ask
  • How everything has a record such as relationships, animals, and businesses
  • The way an Akashic Record differs to a psychic reading

We did our best to ask Hilary as much as possible about the Records in this episode — and we learned so much! We’re sure you’ll enjoy this one!

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