Mamamoods with Barrett Prendergast

09.06.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

In this ep, we sit down with Barrett Prendergast. In addition to caring for her three little ones, she’s also the founder of luxury gifting company, Valleybrink Road, which has been featured in publications such as Martha Stewart, Marie Claire, Sunset Magazine, C Magazine, Food & Wine, and Goop. She also shares all things family, food, and motherhood on her lifestyle blog, Barrett and The Boys.

A lady that looks effortless in a lot of hats, in this conversation we uncover that systems, support, and a healthy dose of humor keep her thriving in the beautiful chaos that is entrepreneurial motherhood. If you’re a mom or a business owner, there are many gems to be found in this episode — the biggest takeaway being we have more choices than we think and creating a life structure that supports us is always possible. Check it out.

Topics we unpack:

  • Creating a flexible work life that supports her motherhood journey
  • Going into business with your spouse or partner
  • You don’t need boxes checked before you have kids like money. Kids in fact, can bring so much love and abundance into your life
  • Consciously managing screen time and kids
  • The power of moms supporting moms
  • Preparing and navigating transitions such as: kids moving on to college, loss of one’s own parents, or moving away from your existing community

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