Holistic Sleep Support with Taylor Kulik

09.20.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Are you a parent of young kids and have experienced sleeping challenges? Or perhaps you have a new parent in your inner circle that feels anxious, confused, and most of all, tired. Taylor Kulik is an occupational therapist turned holistic sleep specialist who advocates for the needs of children and parents simultaneously. Today she joins us and answers all our questions about sleep training and bed sharing.

A wealth of information, Taylor began her work due to her own babies’ sleep struggles which eventually led her to become certified in biological sleep. Now, her work revolves around educating parents about how children are meant to sleep, safe bed sharing practices, and supporting parents to optimize sleep for the entire family through respectful and responsive methods — that don’t include sleep training. As a mom, Nikki had a ton of great questions that we’re sure most parents yearn to ask but may feel pressure to hold back due to too much stigma.

Some topics covered:

  • The way we’ve been conditioned to accept sleep training as the norm
  • Using your intuition and accepting going against the mainstream
  • The importance of removing sleep shaming from parenthood, no matter your sleep style
  • Is it a sleep issue or another health issue in disguise?
  • The importance of environment, movement, and one-on-one connection for healthy sleep
  • Guidelines (but not rules) on bedtime routines from skipping baths to creating book boundaries
  • Taylor’s sleep pyramid technique
  • Remembering the most important element is that your child feels safe, secure, and comforted

We hope this episode provides tools, comfort, and support for this chapter of parenthood!

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