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Traveling is one of life’s great joys but often getting from our homes to our destination can take a toll on our bodies. We’ve collated a list of a few essentials that help us stay as healthy and radiant as possible from the moment we leave to the last day of our trip — and they take up very little real estate in our carry on and suitcase! Read on to squeeze out the most of every day on your next trips. Side note: this isn’t a travel checklist but more suggested items, take what you need, leave what you don’t!

Remedies + Supplements

Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules: Keep your mind calm and mood balanced as you navigate yourself to your destination and beyond. Take a capsule for headaches, anxiety, and allergies as needed. We’ve had team members use up to five capsules a day during high-stress situations. Each capsule provides saffron and turmeric at the clinically studied dose.

Alexis Smart First Aid Kit: Travel can be chaotic but flower remedies can help soothe overwhelm. Good for anyone and everyone on-the-go but especially helpful for those with a fear of flying or traveling for stressful reasons such as family emergencies or work trips.

Original Quinton Isotonics: Hydration is never more important than when traveling (especially if you’re flying) but keeping our water intake is harder to stay on top of as we move between locations. Throw these portable ampoules in your bag and quickly top up with mineral-rich essentials that powerfully hydrate cells and detoxify and relax the body. Read more about them here.

Lone Star Botanicals Charcoal: Charcoal is a powerful detoxifier any time of year but is excellent when traveling. Whether you’re needing a little purifying after all those airports, having digestive issues, or have gotten a bug bite, charcoal can help heal them all.

No Jet Lag Homeopathic: As the name suggests, this homeopathic remedy is custom-made for jet lag and its less than ideal symptoms such as disrupted circadian rythms, brain fog, and headaches.

Beauty + Body Care

Nucifera: Room in our suitcase is precious when traveling. That’s why we love Nucifera as it’s a face and body moisturizer, after-sun balm, hair mask, shave oil, and diaper rash all in one!

Living Libations Everyone Loves the Sunshine: Harmonize your skin and the sun’s rays with this nourishing serum perfect for sun soaking and for sun-soaked skin. This melody of tropical coconut, sweet flowers, warm spices, and verdant flora is the perfect invitation to languish in long summer days if you’re heading somewhere warm.

Living Libations Travel Shampoo & Conditioner: If you’ve tried Living Libations hair care, you know it’s truly special. They also offer their range in 30ml sample sizes that are carry-on approved.

Living Libations Bug Spray: Are you the person that brings all the bugs to the yard? Keep your skin sunkissed but not mosquito-bitten with Living Libations Forager’s Cologne that also smells amazing.

Nucifera Face Mist: A face mist is the perfect traveling beauty companion. We love the aloe and rose water in this one for its cooling, hydrating, and moisturizing effect and its witch hazel that gently cleanses and tones. Plus, it has an added bonus of colloidal silver that acts as a mild antimicrobial cleanser — which is much needed when you’re in communal and public spaces.

Bath Soaks: After flying, you want to remove radiation from your body by either grounding on earth or sand. You can also do this through a baking soda bath that helps remove free radicals and offsets radiation — plus a bath on vacation is just a no-brainer. Both our Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath and Exheal™ soothing saffron salt bath contain sea salts and baking soda for restoration and detoxification.

Healing On-The-Go Snacks

Warm Feelings™ saffron latte sachet: Enjoy 10 on-the-go sachets of our famous caffeine-free saffron latte to combat mood imbalances and support your skin, which can take a hit when traveling.

Erewhon Pit Stop: Does anyone do pre-packaged food better than Erewhon? They have a range of options that are perfect for road trips. And if you’re in Los Angeles, they’re also not far from LAX, making a healthy plane meal easy.

BYO Bento Box: Plane meals aren’t great and we suggest making your own ahead — especially if you have kids. Swap processed, salty foods for fruit and vegetables and/or seeds and nuts. We also like to add a boiled egg for protein but it may not go down well with your plane neighbors!

Milk Alternatives: If you’re an alt mylk lover and going to a location that doesn’t have a lot of options that aren’t full of pesticides — bring your own. You can either ship a quality brand like Goodmylk to your location ahead of time if it needs refrigeration. If that sounds like too much effort, their creamer doesn’t need to be stored at room temp. Failing that, you can always pack your own organic nuts and make on arrival!

Moon Juice Snacks: Looking for a snack that gives you all the indulgence of a vacation but is loaded with activated ingredients to keep energy levels high — Moon Juice has a range for everybody including savory Rainbow Juice and Seed Crisps and dried fruit in the form of Chile and Lime Mangos.

Snack Size Chocolate: Is it even a vacation if there’s no chocolate? Enjoy a sweet treat at the airport, in your hotel, or at the top of your hike (basically, anywhere) with Loco Love’s individual serves. Made on whole foods, they are truly delectable and a destination in and of themselves.


Belladonna Homeopathy: If you have kids, you know fevers can strike at any time including vacation. This homeopathic remedy helps reduce their temperature naturally. Make sure to throw one in your carry on.

Bee Keepers Throat Spray: An immune support with antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, iron, B vitamins, and over 300 other beneficial compounds, this spray fights free radicals and combats oxidative stress that can occur when traveling.


Traveling Humidifier: Hotels are amazing but sometimes their air conditioning can wreak havoc on our sinuses and activate allergies, or just generally dry us out. You can call ahead and ask if your accommodation can supply a humidifier — or bring a small portable one that you know is to your personal standard.

Mini Somavedic: Specifically developed for in-car usage and small rooms (hello hotels), this device neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Bluetooth, and GPS on the human body, can eliminates free radicals, and is restorative and detoxifying — a true travel essential if you’ve had a long journey or crossed multiple timezones.

Travel EMF Protection: This portable Blushield device is designed for protection from Wi-Fi and general EMF. It’s great for short trips and air travel and comes with a rechargeable battery. It may reduce travel sickness, plus shorten jet lag and time difference fatigue.

Blue Blocker Glasses: Soft and ambient lighting is calming to the nervous system. Unfortunately, we’re not always able to control the lighting in our accommodation and can find ourselves under harsh light. Pack a pair of blue light-blocking glasses and put on a few hours before bed.

Osea Vagus Nerve Duo: Anxiety and disrupted sleep can be par for the course with travel of any distance. This soothing oil activates the calming response of the vagus nerve. Use the roll-on oil throughout the day and the pillow mist at your accommodation.

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