Herbs as a Path to Healing with Organic Olivia

08.23.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

In this episode, we sit down with Olivia Amitrano, the founder and creator of Organic Olivia — a vibrant online ecosystem and apothecary built on traditional wisdom, modern herbal medicine, and a brave willingness to explore our opportunities for growth and personal responsibility. Olivia is an herbalist, writer, entrepreneur, and podcast host on a lifelong quest to learn and share as much as she possibly can about what supports the human condition and vibrant health. Her goal is to bring balance to the wellness conversation without judgment, as someone who understands that ancient herbs and modern interventions each have their place — something we chat about in this episode!

Like many wellness entrepreneurs, her journey began as a young child when she found herself at the doctor’s office more often than most, dealing with everything from unbearable stomach pain and IBS, to chronic cystic acne and unexplained skin rashes. She knew deep down that there had to be other options but was told over and over again that diet and lifestyle had nothing to do with her worsening conditions.

Organic Olivia was born as Olivia started to seek alternative solutions — only to discover how seemingly separate issues were interconnected at their root. What started as a blog cataloging her health journey, diet changes, and herbal solutions, turned into a community and now company where she shares her vast toolbox of formulas and most of all, information with others.

We discuss all of this and more including:

  • Olivia’s top three herbs for health and well-being
  • Daily practices that cost nothing and do a lot for our physical, emotional, and mental health
  • The insane importance of oral health and the oral microbiome
  • Camomile and saffron versus caffeine
  • Caring for her parents during early COVID (and the lessons it taught her)
  • Advocating for loved ones in the hospital

This episode really blends both Olivia and Nikki’s love for science and deep respect for ancient tradition — believing the two can coexist, and in fact, work better together. Enjoy!

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