Being in Flow with Meredith Baird

08.30.2022 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Meredith Baird to the show. Meredith is a plant-based chef, cookbook author, and founder of skincare body brand, Nucifera. She was one our first guests on our previous podcast Morning Matcha, where we discussed the potent power of her coconut-based beauty products (you can listen in here!). Although a successful business founder in her own right, Meredith is also a sought after consultant and has been instrumental in contributing to many wellness brands including, THE FULLEST.

As you’ll hear, Meredith has a mercurial mind, creative spirit, and a perspective that can reframe and ground even the trickiest human experiences from loss, to our relationships, to food and control (especially as a parent), and the biggest question of all — how to find meaning in the world. Meredith and Nikki are longtime friends, and this is an episode that could’ve gone on for hours.

Full of friendship and wisdom, today’s episode includes:

  • Turning multiple passions into a career
  • Resisting the urge to put too much emphasis on your business in order for it to remain light and inspiring
  • Finding flow and navigating stuck times and conflict
  • Choosing a positive worldview that still acknowledges the challenges and hardships of life
  • Values and frameworks to support life from the spiritual to the natural world
  • Dogma and food philosophies and the importance of finding your own way
  • Giving your kids a good nutrition foundation without becoming controlling or inflexible

Whether you’re a working mom, struggling to choose just one entrepreneurial lane, or finding your footing on your food journey, this is an episode that is guaranteed to be relatable and inspiring and help you find your own flow.

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