This month, we welcome Connor Gaughan for THE FULLEST Faves takeover. Connor is one of our editors (meaning being well versed in all things wellness is part of his day job). He is also a self-described outdoors, sauna, and smoothie enthusiast. We love his take on THE FULLEST Faves that marry health optimization tools, nutrient-dense foods (including a recipe), and tech! Check it out below.

Den Mother

I’m fortunate enough to live down the street from this little sanctuary of wellness that THE FULLEST founder Nikki Bostwick actually recommended. I had an incredibly rejuvenating experience here in the form of their Signature Swedish Massage — but soaking in that post-treatment zen with a coffee in their backyard garden might have been the highlight. They offer a range of ancient healing therapies from acupuncture to sauna so next time you’re in Venice, definitely check it out.

Butcher Box

Through ongoing conversations with THE FULLEST’s Kylie Gaughan (also my sister!), I’ve learned the importance of food quality, especially concerning animal protein. Grass-fed/finished beef and pasture-raised, organically fed poultry are not only more nutrient-dense and bioavailable than conventional meat, but are better for the animals and environment when sourced from high-integrity farms that utilize regenerative agriculture. Butcher Box offers a subscription service that delivers high-quality meat packages customized to your liking. I recently sous vide’d a grass-fed ribeye from them that was incredible.

Mouth Taping

After reading Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor, I realized the importance of nasal breathing — improved oxygen/sleep quality, increased athletic performance, and optimized cognitive function. Nestor, along with other biohackers I follow like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield, promotes forced nasal breathing through overnight mouth taping. Once you get past feeling like a crazy person, I’m sure you’ll feel the advantages of more efficient nasal passageways as I have. I use and would recommend 3M Nexcare durable cloth tape.

Sennheiser Headphones

I recently received the Sennheiser PXC 550-II headphones as a gift and couldn’t be happier with them. Classic German engineering expertise has now made me a lifelong Sennheiser customer. The PXC series offers 30 hours of battery life with a single charge, touchpad controls, and their Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature, which adjusts to your surroundings and blocks out unwanted background noise. They truly are unmatched in over-the-ear comfort, sound quality, and durability as well — an absolute game changer for air travel!

(They offer the option for a wired connection for those that want to reduce EMFs!)


I’ve tinkered with perfecting my ideal, meal replacement smoothie recipe over the years and have finally settled on a winner. I hope it brings as much joy to your day as it does mine!

From Newport Beach, CA, Connor Gaughan studied at the University of Oregon and later went on to obtain a postgraduate degree from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since graduating, he has worked in many facets of the beverage industry including production, distribution, sales, marketing, and supply chain management. Connor is also an editor of THE FULLEST who spends his free time with family and friends, outdoors, or in the sauna.

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