The Future of Flying with Aero

06.14.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Even today, 120 years after the first airplane took flight, if you take the time to think about it, flying is a pretty incredible feat. A company that shares this perspective is Aero; a semi-private airline that exists to turn flying into a magical experience — not just getting from A to B. They are creating the next generation of air travel that brings a luxury hospitality and boutique approach to catching a plane. Offering private terminals with bespoke semi-private jets of up to 16 guests, Aero offers unmatched personalized service at every touchpoint from custom healthy meals from Erewhon to top of the line skincare and the most painless on boarding process. In this episode, we welcome Zain Richardson, the Chief Marketing Officer at Aero to talk us through their offering and vision.

Things we chat about:

  • The lack of choice and innovation in traditional aviation
  • The way industry outsiders from hospitality saw an opportunity to breathe new life and an elevated customer experience into flying
  • Aero’s onboard light and sound therapy to help with sleep and motion sickness
  • Their clinically developed in-flight skin care to support your skin with Dr. Barbara Sturm
  • Bringing on like-minded brand Erewhon to create custom meals
  • Their post flight partnerships; such as with London’s wellness studio Bodyism to help you recover after a long haul flight
  • Plus, Nikki shares her experience including a pretty impressive story about her husband’s wedding ring

Enjoy the episode and if you’ve got an upcoming trip and are looking for a different flight experience, THE FULLEST listeners receive a 10% discount just use code THEFULLEST when booking.

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