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06.01.2022 Career & Finance
Danielle Beinstein
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Gemini Healing Rx: Water Heals

Gemini’s shadow is that it can be at times — a little neurotic. Exhale with a soothing salt bath that is historically used to clear energetic and spiritual blockages. This Exheal™ formulation also uses essential oils and saffron to physically cleanse and detox the mental and physical bodies — perfect for integrating the Eclipse season’s energy and soothing this zodiac season’s nerves. Run the tap, release and recalibrate as needed throughout the month.

Gemini Season’s Major Themes

June brings our curiosities to the forefront, as Gemini presents us with choices and varied perspectives. It’s alright not to know, it’s alright to entertain different ideas.

Conversation and open dialogue, without an agenda, keeps us young and agile. In what ways have we become too rigid, too fixed? How can we create more flexibility in our thinking?

This openness and exploration paves the way for the Solstice and Cancer Season on the 21st, a coming home.

June 14 Full Moon in Sagittarius

This Full Moon in Sagittarius squares-off mystical, trippy Neptune and offers us an Alice In Wonderland experience. What, exactly, is real? And who, exactly, is telling the truth? Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruler, is in Aries, firing up our growth. We’re craving freedom now, dissolving barriers between realms as we entertain all possibilities.

June 28 New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon in Cancer, arriving a week after the Solstice, is soul nourishment and expansion, colored by the Sun and Moon’s square to benefit Jupiter in Aries. This is the season for forging and securing emotional bonds, for deepening into families of all kinds. If we’ve been distracted or disengaged, this New Moon is that reminder of those that matter most.

Danielle Beinstein is a psychological and intuitive astrologer based in Nashville. She currently offers one-on-one sessions as well as her monthly online membership and courses program, The Cosmic Compass. You can find more on both offerings at, and for more regular astrological musings, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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