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06.06.2022 Life
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THE FULLEST Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend has landed in THE FULLEST Shop and we’re thrilled to bring this latest offering to you. This ritual has been practiced for centuries by women around the world as a way to connect to their cycles, ground, and heal.

Pelvic steaming is an ancient healing art and women across cultures have used this powerful practice to physically support painful or irregular cycles, fertility issues, and to balance the pH of our female bodies. Energetically, it has been used as a grounding ritual, a tool for emotional and trauma release, and to reconnect to creativity and intuition.

Recently, this practice has made a resurgence and with good reason.

Many women struggle with painful periods, endometriosis, or feel some form of disconnection from their womb or sacral chakra due to cultural or personal experiences. And yet, our wombs are magical, healing, powerful portals that help us find our center and of course, birth new life (physically and metaphysically).

As a brand that exists to modernize ancient practices for today’s woman, formulating our own pelvic steaming herbal blend to make this ritual and tool accessible for more women made sense. Another motivating factor was our direct experience with the practice. Our founder in particular found pelvic steaming incredibly healing and rebalancing on her postpartum journey and felt called to bring the herbal blends that have supported her to other new moms.

THE FULLEST Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend

Using traditional knowledge and plants used in Ayurveda, Traditional East Asian Medicine, herbalism, and naturopathy; our proprietary blend is customized to help oxygenate, ground, detoxify, and restore balance to the modern female body and includes:

THE FULLEST Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle

Those that have tried pelvic steaming before understand the importance of a good kit. After finding this beautiful practice ourselves, we realized that tools that feel special also play a huge part in creating the space for the ritual. Unable to find anything that felt sacred and elevated this experience, or even items that were non-toxic, we decided to partner with local artisans to create our own.

Our Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle has everything the modern woman needs for a beautiful ritual including our signature herb blend, stool, and clay pot — all you need to add is your favorite natural fiber blanket.

THE FULLEST Pelvic Steaming Stool

Custom made using non-toxic, formaldehyde-free beechwood, our stool features a minimalist design. You may feel inspired to keep it out on display rather than store it away.

THE FULLEST Clay Steaming Pot

This pot is handmade in small batches using non-toxic, non-leaching, stovetop-friendly clay from a woman-owned ceramic studio in Brooklyn.

THE FULLEST Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend

Four single-serving sachets of our herbal blend formulated for gentle monthly support. Also aids in conception, fertility, postpartum healing, and even recurring infections.

For optimal results, steam four days per month; two consecutive days before the start of your period and two consecutive days after your period has ended. If you don’t experience a regular cycle, align your monthly steam ritual with the full moon and new moons.

If you’ve felt any form of challenge or disconnection from your womb, intuition, or are just looking for a deep and healing feminine ritual, we definitely suggest trying pelvic steaming! If you’re new and looking to dip your toe in the water before fully committing, purchase the herbal blend and use an existing clean blanket, dedicated pot, and stool from your own home. If you’ve had experience before and are looking to make this a regular at-home practice or are seeking elevated tools to support this ritual, we definitely suggest the bundle to support you in creating your own intimate ritual.

Shop Womb Protector™ here.

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