Identifying Long Held Patterns with Taylor Eyewalker

06.28.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

It was a privilege for us to have Taylor Eyewalker once again join THE FULLEST podcast to share both her grounded approach and lived experience of the esoteric and healing arts. Taylor is a Master Kambo Medicine practitioner, kundalini and tantric yoga teacher, and creator of the UNCOIL method and medicine woman. She has spent the last 20 years and well over 10,000 hours studying and practicing yogic mystery teachings, ancient medicine practices, esoteric therapies and clinical approaches to alternative medicine. Her strengths are her intuitive and psychic abilities, open and receptive listening, holding a safe container and her extensive training in yoga, kambo, shamanism, the power of oxygen, and healing relationships.

She’s also one of Nikki’s personal teachers and they candidly dive into some big themes including:

  • The specifics of Kambo and its physical and psychological benefits
  • The difference between animal medicine and plant medicine’s agendas
  • The higher importance of a teacher’s deep and consistent practice over certifications
  • Choosing tools and practices that align with your specific soul contract or dharma
  • Kundalini and cancel culture
  • Being open to moving away from a worldview that you held as truth
  • The purpose of spiritual concepts and tools (including yogic and astrological) is to eventually move beyond them
  • Finding the patterns that repeat themselves in your health journey, career, relationship or spiritual practice and ways to heal them through your own heart

As you’ll hear, Taylor has a very authentic expression and powerful transmission of these often metaphysical concepts. We’re sure some of Taylor’s perspectives will give you pause, consideration, and healing.

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