Our Senior Marketing Manager, Emily Moore, is famous in THE FULLEST office for her attention to detail and is known as the “queen of routines” — meaning she’s done her homework on all things self-care. This month, we convinced her to publicly disclose her coveted list of essentials that bring her everyday joy, help her slow down, and support intuitive rituals because when you know, you know. We’ve already added a bunch of these items to cart — and am sure you’ll find a wellness gem or two on this list. Enjoy!

Anima Mundi’s Liver Vitality

After a supplement consultant at Erewhon introduced me to this nutritionally dense green powder, it has been a staple in my arsenal. At the time, I was suffering from a rash under my armpit and after disclosing the ins-and-outs of my diet and body-care routine, she told me that the rash could be a lymph drainage issue. She suggested Anima Mundi Apothecary’s Liver Vitality to help drain and detoxify my body. Low and behold, my rash was gone within the week (which was amazing news in and of itself) — but I also noticed a huge difference in my digestion and energy levels.

This therapeutic cleanse is now part of my daily routine — I have found that one heaped teaspoon mixed with lukewarm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon has been the best way to jumpstart my day (and digestion)! I also love that the ingredients contain wildcrafted nettle leaf — which has been amazing for my hair health too!

Kinder Thoughts™

You could say I’m biased because I work for THE FULLEST but Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules are an essential for my mental health. I have unsuccessfully tried to taper off my anit-depressants four times now, and every time I do, I end up upping my dose back to the initial prescription (heart zaps are real!). This most recent time around (and with the help of my psychiatrist) I started implementing Kinder Thoughts™ into my supplement program. For the first time, I have been able to successfully lower my Lexapro dose! You can read more about the clinical studies here, or personally reach out to me to chat more about this. I know it’s a sensitive topic, but I’m proud of my journey and the woman that I have become through it all. Most importantly, I am proud of myself for taking control of my body and knowing what’s best for me.

Frankincense & Cinnamon River Path Incense

I recently had a conversation with a friend and we both agreed that smell is the most special of senses. A certain smell can bring you back to an exact moment, evoke nostalgia, and affect your mood — which is why making my space smell sacred has always been very near and dear to me. I’m constantly diffusing or burning something in my tiny studio, but I’m also very particular about what I use because conventional candles, oils, and incense tend to aggravate my allergies.

Shoyeido’s River Path Incense is the perfect combination of coziness and warmth — but not too strong. I light one while doing my morning routine and burn a second as I drift into dreamland. I always make sure to open my front door during the morning burn so my neighbors can also enjoy the happiness too.

Araza Beauty

I’m equally as particular about body care and I did a big makeup clean-out a couple of years ago. Yes, my skin has most certainly thanked me whilst on this clean skin-care journey, but I still hadn’t found the perfect foundation. I’ve tried every non-toxic brand on the market, but was never satisfied with the results. Now that I have discovered Araza Beauty, trust me when I say their foundation will be the only face-makeup in my bag! It’s smooth, creamy, and offers a dewy look without the cakey finish (looking natural while wearing makeup is a huge drawcard for me). It’s loaded with tons of superfoods, organic oils, and healthy fats, but ​​is very low in PUFAs (read up here why this is important!). The best bit is that I feel like I’m not just covering up my skin — I’m feeding and nourishing it too.

Bearaby’s Hugget Knot Pillow

I love my Bearaby Weighted Napper (and have turned many friends onto this cooling blanket) so when I saw that they had launched a sustainable knot pillow, I couldn’t get my hands on one fast enough. I’m a side-sleeper and have always slept with a pillow between my arms — this knot pillow has become my nightcap and hugs me into the dreamiest sleep. I also tend to sleep warm, so I love that it’s made of breathable, GOTS-certified organic cotton. Not to mention, it sits pretty on my bed and its unconventional design has become quite the conversation starter.

Neti Pot

Mother nature has brought a ton of pollen into the air this spring, and I always turn to my Neti Pot for relief. This traditional Ayurvedic practice of nasal rinsing uses a cup and saline solution to purify and alleviate the sinuses. If you’re susceptible to allergies, respiratory problems, sinus issues, or looking for support against airborne aversions, this cleansing rinse is for you! I always make sure to use warm, distilled water and a high-quality nasal wash (check the label for no additives and no anti-caking agents). I’ll also add one drop of Longevity Liquid by Living Libations if I need extra nasal clarity.

Emily Moore is an avid trinket collector, just-for-fun poet, hot yoga practitioner, and lover of all things found in Erewhon Market. She is a proud Loyola Marymount University summa cum laude graduate and the Senior Marketing Manager at THE FULLEST. Find her on the ‘gram here.

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