Finding Mold with We Inspect

05.03.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

In today’s episode, we welcome Brian Karr, co-founder of We Inspect, a national indoor environmental assessment company specializing in mold and biotoxin detection. If you have ever felt that maybe you are sensitive to mold or have been concerned your house or apartment is showing signs of mold — this episode is for you. Brian has helped thousands of people understand if mold, mycotoxins, or other indoor pathogens exist in their homes and are contributing to their health conditions. Brian has also become a go-to mold and biotoxin resource for many medical practitioners across the country and has helped over 3,000 hypersensitive individuals nationwide to create healthier living environments that have allowed their doctors to help them get better. All of this is to say, we’re thrilled to have him on the podcast and answer all of our questions.

Some topics we cover:

  • Signs of mold from the apparent to the invisible and ways to identify them 
  • The real causes of mold
  • Some of the symptoms and conditions mold can physically cause 
  • The reasons one person in a household can become sick from mold and others remain fine
  • The importance of finding a thorough and trusted mold inspection company. 
  • Ways to tackle mold as a renter and ways to navigate your landlord’s pushback 
  • Avoiding doing mold remediation yourself and understanding this is a potent toxin

We hope you find today’s episode informative and useful. If you have any concerns about mold, make sure to check out his #moldfinders: METHOD. This digital DIY inspection program developed for hypersensitive individuals and can teach you how to identify and remove mold and mycotoxins from your own home. We are huge fans of this program and recommend it to anyone struggling with mold!

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