Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation with Paul Hawken

05.17.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

One of the most educated and optimistic voices on the challenges of the climate crisis joins us on the podcast and we’re honored. Paul Hawken has started ecological businesses, writes about nature and commerce, and consults with heads of state and CEOs on climatic, economic, and ecological regeneration. He has written nine books including six national and NYT bestsellers: Growing a Business, The Next Economy, The Ecology of Commerce, Blessed Unrest, Drawdown, and Regeneration. He is published in 30 languages and his books are available in over 90 countries. Paul is the founder of both Project Drawdown and Project Regeneration; the world’s largest, most complete listing and network of solutions to the climate crisis.

Today, we discuss the following (and much much more):

  • The definition of regeneration, including: that care is synonymous with regeneration and that regeneration is innate to all living beings.
  • Fear is valid but not as a political weapon. Instead, we should be using fear to tell us something, to improve our situation, to plan for our futures.
  • “Climate change” is moving from theory to reality as extreme weather events create lived experiences of dislocation and even death.
  • Reframing problems into solutions in disguise.
  • The definition of “drawdown” and the reason that it’s an important perspective shift.
  • The core concentration of power and money as the biggest challenge to planetary health.
  • Consumption of food, mobility, utilities are unavoidable but can be better resourced.
  • The extractive economy we’re currently leaving for our children.
  • Accepting that our solutions are not perfect but that we must make the path by walking.
  • Innovative solutions and creative technologies need more media air time.
  • The importance of naming tangible goals and moving towards them.

If you have ever felt anxious about the seemingly insurmountable scope of the climate crisis, this episode will remind you that a positive future is available to us. More than that, Paul will provide you with simple steps to take action and move past fear. 

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