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05.31.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

You may recognize Ty Haney from her days as founder of active wear brand, Outdoor Voices (OV). At just 24 years old, Ty put herself on a mission to Get the World Moving by freeing fitness from performance — and she succeeded. Ty and her team raised more than 60 million dollars in funding, opened a dozen stores, and hosted thousands of community events like local Dog Jogs, Joggers Clubs, and on-campus dance events. OV’s strength was its community and Ty realized how impactful an incredibly passionate distributed fanbase could be for driving efficient growth for a brand.

In 2021, she left OV to productize her community-led approach into a web3 toolkit that other brands could use to grow called Try Your Best (TYB) — a first of its kind community platform where brands and fans build and win together. Not only that, she also found the time to launch Joggy, a full spectrum CBD energy and movement supplement line that supports daily activity, recovery, and individual performance — plus, she’s a mom of two!

All of this is to say that it was a pleasure to get some of her valuable time to chat about her latest ventures. Ty really is an innovative entrepreneur with a passion for community and an eye on the future.

Some of the topics we dive into:

  • Navigating challenging transitions
  • Movement as a go-to for stress and energy
  • The power of community and its role in consumers’ and brands’ lives
  • All things cryptocurrency
  • CBD and saffron’s positive impact on the endocannabinoid system
  • Balancing launching a new business with family and social life

If you’re interested in the next wave of brand building, crypto, entrepreneurship, or CBD movement — this one’s for you. We learned a lot and are sure you will too!

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