The End of Privacy and Personal Freedom

04.19.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

In this episode, we discuss our agency and about the agency that we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Government digitization is changing our societal structures and surreptitiously allowing institutional monitoring and control over our behaviors from financial, to health, to our ability to move freely in the world. If you haven’t dived deep into the cases for and against digital passports — you’re not alone. This is a silent issue that is not making its way into mainstream media — and as we learn today, there’s a reason for that.

One voice speaking up is that of Nick Corbishley, a journalist with a global perspective who specializes in breaking news, finance, and politics. Formerly a senior contributing editor at the San Francisco–based economics and finance news site Wolf Street, he is currently a regular contributor to the US financial news and analysis blog Naked Capitalism, where he writes about financial, economic, and political developments in Europe and Latin America. However, he is also the author of Scanned, one of the few books on the dark side and potentially catastrophic implications of government digitization. Today, Nick walks us through the reality, agenda, and impact of digital passports and currencies on every global citizen.

Today we discuss:

  • A breakdown of the definition of digital passports.
  • The misleading narrative that digital passports are easing.
  • A reminder that digital passports are not about being “tracked and traced” but about being used to enforce compliance.
  • The impact of mandates to change rapidly and at the government’s will. For example, initially only two jabs were required but then it moved to three, and now potentially four. The speed and ease that these restrictions are to be applied demonstrate the seamless ability for the government to apply similar restrictions to other areas of society.
  • An approach to finding news sources on this relatively uncovered issue.
  • The financial and private powers that are pushing for the rollout.
  • The World Health Organization’s Global Pandemic Treaty and the reason it’s a terrifying concept.
  • The agenda behind the end of cash and the correlation between digital passports and crypto currency.

As you’ll hear, we may be up for a potentially frightening techno-fasisct future. That is, if we don’t begin another conversation around our dinner tables, in our communities, and with our local, state, and federal representatives. Please listen and share. 

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