Products for Every Baby Milestone

04.05.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

In today’s episode, we sit down with the founders of the dad (and all around amazing) brand — Lalo. Co-founders Michael Wieder and Greg Davidson shared the belief that the job of parenting should be more important than the task of shopping for it — and this philosophy obviously struck a chord as they quickly attracted a receptive customer base of new parents. Perhaps you already own one of their non-toxic and aesthetically stunning high chairs, or you’ve heard your parent friends rave about their easy to clean play gym. As we learned today, parents and families are at the heart of this business. It was also refreshing to see more feminine qualities of love and ease married with the masculine energies of functionality and simplicity.

Today we chat:

  • The idea of creating around milestones not products
  • Product longevity and adaptability in the baby market (considering the speed at which little ones develop)
  • Being a dad brand in a traditionally mom space
  • Thoughts on balancing being a business owner and a parent
  • Ensuring products are baby safe
  • Creating a new category mindset

If you’ve ever thought about launching a product-focused business, a baby brand, or are looking to take a new approach to an established industry, this one is full of toddler-sized pearls of wisdom. However if you’re a parent, then this one is definitely for you and we’re quietly confident you’ll become a Lalo convert in the near future. Enjoy!

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