You might be wondering — how can I possibly try cupping at home? Isn’t this meant to be done by a professional? Isn’t there fire involved? Yes, and not always! If you choose a professional treatment — they’ll most likely cupping with glass and fire, but you can also absolutely learn how to do cupping and try it at home, without fire or a degree in Chinese Medicine or massage. It’s safe, full of healing benefits, and can be done to yourself or a partner.

Why Cupping

Before diving into how to practice cupping at home, here’s a brief background and introduction to the practice so that you can gain some context. The use of cupping therapy can be traced back to the early Han Dynasty in China. Herbalist and alchemist, Ge Hong, is considered the first to use this technique and believed that with ‘cupping and acupuncture combined, more than ½ of the ills can be cured.’ Fast forward to today, and cupping has gained tons of popularity, partly by celebrity exposure and partly because so many folks are curious and interested in alternative and holistic health.

Benefits Of Cupping

Cupping extracts and removes toxins from the body’s muscle tissues by creating suction through specially designed cups. As a result, cupping improves blood circulation and lymphatic system function to lessen pain. Apart from leaving you feeling refreshed, here are a few benefits to cupping:

  • Lowers inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces muscle tension or stress
  • Provides pain relief
  • Boosts immunity
  • Provides an increased range of motion

Best Cups To Use At Home

Take time to get familiar with the kinds of cups you purchase. For cellulite, firmer skin, and toning, check out Lure Cupping Edge Therapy Sets. These silicone stackable cups are plastic-free and made without BPA, BPS, phthalates, PVC, latex, or other fillers. As far as learning the technique, this brand will send you a video on how to best use these cups after you make a purchase which is a huge win.

Another recommended cupping set is the AIKOTOO Hijama Cupping Vacuum Set which contains 24 cups, an extension tube, and hand pump so that you have full control over the suction. The package contains instructions to follow, so again — you won’t be left to your own devices to learn how to use them. Start off gently with the vacuum so that you have a feel for the suction.

Tips For Cupping At Home

​​Before you start cupping, you’ll want to have body oil on hand. Having oil is absolutely crucial for suction and allows for the cups to glide when they’re on your skin. Now that you have oil and cups in front of you, get familiar with the cups and have an understanding of different levels of pressure. Play with different levels of suction and notice how the skin lifts. With light suction, the skin tissue will not lift as high. When you see the skin bubble higher, this is where the fascia loosens up and the lymph can move.

Once you have an idea on pressure, you’ll want to get an understanding of how to move the cups around. Get used to gliding the cups on oiled skin to target the body part you want to focus on. Using your hands, guide the cup in the direction you’re targeting without applying pressure or squeezing. If the tissue in the cup starts to look too red or feels uncomfortable, remove the cup and apply less pressure when you place the cup again. For silicone cups, you’ll remove the cup by squeezing to release the suction, and lift up and away.

If you’re using any massage in tandem to cupping, you’ll want to make sure you stroke towards the heart so that you can allow for detox to properly flush through the system.

As a rule of them, avoid the neck and any lymph nodes in the neck area when cupping. Unless you’re professionally trained and certified, this is a region you want to avoid when you’re treating yourself to an at home cupping session.

If you’re still interested in receiving cupping professionally, many acupuncturists offer it as an add on to acupuncture sessions and as a stand alone treatment. Regardless of the way you choose to incorporate cupping, know that your body and muscles will thank you.

This article was syndicated from Magnolia Wellness and has been republished with the owner’s permission.

Angela Sinnett is an acupuncturist, herbalist, healer, nutrition specialist, and founder of Magnolia Wellness (that also offers cupping services to the local community). She has spent almost two decades as an energetic healer. Having always been passionate about the healing arts and making the journey fun, Angela cultivates her treatments with love and understanding, illuminating the beautiful place where the depths of the soul meet the physical body. When she is not doing cartwheels with her three daughters, Angela loves seeking the true wonderment of life.

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