Sandalwood oil is born from enchanted forests. Sandalwood trees from which the oil is extracted for use are often cited as one of the most expensive woods in the world and have roots in many ancient healing traditions from Ayurveda to folk medicine. Heavy, yellow, and fine grained, they are famed for their fragrance, and unlike many other aromatic woods, sandalwood keeps its unique scent for decades. Even if you haven’t worked individually with this oil or tree, you’ve probably had some experience of it in aromatherapy, incense, or botanical body care. In celebration of this enduring and healing plant — we thought we’d dive into its medicinal and mystical benefits.

For Spiritual Focus

Ancient traditions have been using sandalwood’s scent as a meditation aid for centuries. Its fragrance creates mental focus and activates the third eye. If you’re looking to go inward, consider combining your meditation with a bath ritual and our Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath that contains both sandalwood and other supportive elements such as baking soda that helps you get to deeper levels of relaxation.

For Deep Rest

Sandalwood’s healing fragrance also stimulates the pineal gland, the section of the brain that releases melatonin and controls sleep. Use sandalwood in your essential oil diffuser, add a few drops to your nightly shower, or rub on wrists or temples to help calm the nervous system before bed.

For Sensual Expression

In Ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood oil is prescribed as a natural aphrodisiac and can be a beautiful tool to help land you in your body and feminine energy. Take some time for yourself and use sandalwood oil for some self massage or a libidio boosting bath (if you’re looking for some extra support our Exheal™ soothing saffron salt bath also has hormone balancing properties). For those looking to connect with their partner, consider creating a shared bath ritual.

For Calm and Release

If you’re struggling with tension and anxiety, sandalwood can help reduce stress levels. Check in with yourself; are you shoulders creeping up, is your tongue on the roof of your mouth, are you feeling overwhelmed? Carrying some sandalwood oil in your bag or adding it to your workspace diffuser can subliminally lower your internal pressure gauge.

For Skin Healing

Finally, sandalwood also works as a powerful antiseptic. If you’ve any minor skin injuries, soaking in sandalwood can help speed up superficial wounds recovery time.

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