Funding 101 with Human Ventures

03.22.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Do you have a small business, the seed of an idea, or a side hustle that you’re hoping to expand? Then this episode is for you. We are delighted to welcome to THE FULLEST podcast our first venture fund guest, Heather Hartnett. Heather is a General Partner and CEO of Human Ventures, where she has created one of New York’s premier startup studios and early-stage venture funds. Since launching under Heather’s leadership, Human Ventures has invested in and co-built more than 50 companies — many of which you’ll have heard of such as TheSkimm, Tiny Organics, and Tia Health. Outside of being completely knowledgeable in the space, Human Ventures has an interest in funding wellness and health-focused companies – something that we admire greatly. She’s also just a lovely human and generously shares her expertise and many wise words for entrepreneurs and founders looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Some episode highlights:

  • The continued rise of wellness and tech startups and what that means for entrepreneurs in these spaces looking for funding
  • Things to look for in your investors (read: you want a thoughtful fund)
  • Why there’s never been more people starting companies
  • Why a no from one fund doesn’t mean your dream is over
  • The difference between tech products and consumer goods products in terms of choosing a fund
  • Why we’re still in a sickcare not healthcare model and the global need for companies that are looking to promote preventative tools and services

We loved talking about health and wellness from the perspective of venture funding. It reminded us of the growing numbers of people who are committed to creating and building preventative solutions that challenge outdated models. Plus, we learned a lot for our business and are sure you’ll do the same!

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