Clean Living Hacks With Branch Basics

03.08.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Kelly Love, co-founder of one of our favorite clean companies, Branch Basics, joins us on the podcast. Although she didn’t have a *chronic* health condition, Kelly is a living example of the power switching to non-toxic alternatives has on our health – even for those who consider themselves healthy. After her and her best friend, Allison, spent a summer at Allison’s holistically minded Aunt Marilee’s house, their lives were forever changed. Realizing the value of living as pure as possible has on our vitality, the three women eventually went on to start Branch Basics. Today, we pick her brain on all things clean living and her journey starting a female-founded business.

Episode highlights:

  • Kelly walks us through her journey from college to starting a company and motherhood.
  • She looks back at the summer at Marilee’s and the way it healed symptoms she had previously considered as normal such as dry eyes and bad menstrual cramps.
  • Kelly explains the amazing breadth of knowledge that Marilee has on toxins in our home and in the food we eat.
  • She details Marilee’s personal journey from needing a kidney transplant to healing herself through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • She also shares some amazing and incredibly simple hacks that can make a huge difference to the air quality and purity of your home.
  • Finally, she explains how the women behind Branch Basics are able to run their company from three different locations and balance friendship and business.

We loved chatting with Kelly and are sure you’ll learn and be motivated to continue to refine your home’s health. Enjoy it here! 

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