Taking a bath is one of the simplest, and oldest forms of self care. In fact, usually when we speak or think about self care, our first image tends to be taking a bath. While bathing is relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating, your evening bath time is good for your body in more ways than you might think, with many studies claiming that bathing benefits every system in the body.

Lung and Cardiac Health

Did you know that taking a hot bath isn’t just detoxifying — it can also improve cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate. Equally, the temperature of the water and also the pressure of the water on your chest are beneficial to the health of your lungs.

Nervous System Healing

The nervous system and brain also benefit from bathing. Submerging the body in water can reduce inflammation and ease the central nervous system. In terms of temperature, an age-old remedy recommends bathing in room temperature water as a way to calm the mind and body.

Circulation and Digestion

Bathing is also extremely good for your blood and circulation. Taking a warm bath improves blood flow throughout your entire body, which can also aid in digestion. To further aid your body, choose a soak that has ingredients that provide extra support.

We love our Exheal™ medicinal saffron salt bath, which offers a unique formulation that provides relief from bloating, increases circulation, and aids in digestion.

Immunity Boosting

Bathing in water is also an amazing option if you’re coming down with something. For example, a hot bath boosts your immunity and can kill bacteria. Specifically, choose a temperature that’s above your body temperature. However, bathing in cold water can be extremely rejuvenating and energizing. Experiment with both to discover the most healing bath temperature for your body.

Skin Health & Hydration

While bathing has many internal benefits, externally your body benefits as well! While an obvious one — bathing is hydrating — and is incredibly moisturizing to your hair, skin and eyes. If you’re looking to turn bathing into a clean beauty ritual, choose a soak that has active ingredients that benefit the skin. For example, our Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath has goat whey protein, natural probiotics, and essential oils that nourish the skin and also balance the skin’s pH levels and microbiome.

Bathing Versus Showering

If you’re looking for further evidence, this randomized study conducted on the physical and mental effects of consistent bathing, demonstrates the difference in health between showering and bathing over a two week period.

After the two week period of consistent bathing, the average person reported an improvement in overall health and skin conditions, as well as an overall decrease in fatigue, stress, and pain.

After two weeks of showering, there was still a small improvement but not much in comparison to bathing.

How Can You Incorporate Bathing Into Your Life?

Adding bathing into your daily self care routine has many benefits. Even a short bath can be calming and a great way to slow down, unwind and transition from the chaos of a workday to the calm of night time. It is a healing, soothing, and easy ritual. If you’ve more time, a cleansing bath with Epsom salts can help soothe sore muscles from a workout, and cleanse the body of everything it’s picked up on throughout the course of the day. Epsom salt baths can also be very detoxifying, as the salt and heat cause you to sweat. You might find that different temperatures feel better to your body, or that you like to incorporate other wellness rituals into your bathing routine like dry brushing, meditation, or skincare. Find a schedule and practice that works for you and let this ancient ritual work its magic.

Ali Parsons graduated from The University of Washington with a degree in Media & Communications. She is passionate about nutrition, health, and wellness and is currently in the process of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Ali enjoys cooking, running, yoga, hiking and travel!

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