Saffron Bath Soaks That Are Actual Medicine

02.14.2022 Life
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After many moons researching ancient and holistic practices around bathing, nature’s most powerful botanicals, and the clinical research behind the healing alchemy that is water, salt, and earth — we are proud to introduce our NEW Saffron Soaks to our botanical line — meet Inheal™ and Exheal™.

Each soak uses a saffron and baking soda foundation with our signature scent — a base of sandalwood, vanilla and rose. Baking soda is known to be used topically for its powerful ability to support pH balance, soothe the skin, reduce tension, and remove spiritual blockages. Each soak then turns into a milk bath or a salt bath by adding in goat’s milk powder or sea salt.

To help you dive deeper into the medicinal benefits of bathing and to optimize this restorative and healing practice, we sat down with our Founder, Nikki Bostwick, to talk us through the power of bathing and to uncover the blend that’s correct for you.

Firstly, why saffron bath soaks?

I wanted to share my personal experience and passion for saffron with the world in a way that made sense to me; namely by blending traditional wisdom with science, and to create practical and restorative rituals for modern women.

After launching our ingestible line of lattes, syrups, and capsules, baths were a natural next step for a mind, body, earth approach to healing. In terms of saffron soaks, this is actually taken from ancient lineages. In fact, Cleopatra was famously known for bathing in saffron. Although one of the most luxurious commodities at the time (and still today), the true reason she soaked in saffron on the daily wasn’t for indulgence, it was for its infinite anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and aphrodisiac properties. It has also been said that Alexander the Great would take a saffron bath to heal his battle wounds. So, essentially we chose saffron firstly for its potent healing benefits and then created the two soak blends that also provided a beautiful moment of relaxation.

In terms of the ingredients, is there a reason you chose baking soda over Epsom salts?

We chose baking soda because it supports your body’s natural pH levels and is an excellent foundation that also alchemizes with other properties. For example, there is actually baking soda and sea salt in our Exheal™ Medicinal Saffron Salt Bath as this is a potent power healing couple. I was actually prescribed a weekly baking soda and salt bath routine by my doctor, Dr. Habib Sadeghi, when I was at the height of dealing with my autoimmune thyroid and menstrual issues. Baking soda as a whole has also been known to decrease inflammation and to also remove any spiritual blockages.

Can you tell us about the Inheal™ Probiotic Milk Bath? We have obviously heard about ingestible probiotics for gut health — how does this translate into the soak blend?

Yes! We are really excited about this soak. As you mentioned, probiotics are big in the wellness world but there’s a lot more that we can do with them especially for women’s health and skin health — the probiotics in the blend are from a whole food source (goat milk) rather than adding in specific probiotics strains. In this blend, baking soda and goat’s milk powder come together to support the skin’s microbiome and to balance our vagina flora and its pH levels. We’ll have more products launching in this area soon — so stay tuned!

Are all our essential oils sustainable, organic, wildcrafted?

Yep, all our oils are wildcrafted or organic or use organic processes. Although this is always important, it’s especially important when soaking and the skin’s pores are open.

Is there any particular length of time to get the maximum healing benefits of the soaks?

We recommend 20 minutes but even a 10 minute bath can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Equally, is there an optimal temperature for the bath soaks?

Ideally, you want your temperature to be above your body’s natural temperature to promote and stimulate the detoxification process but — you don’t want it unbearably hot!

Is there a perfect time of day to bathe?

The perfect time to take a bath is different for everyone. If you’re the type that wants to get up and go in the mornings, choose the evening to take a bath when you have more time. If you’re the type to make it a ritual, choose a morning or afternoon on a day off or weekend when you have enough free time to really let yourself unwind and relax into the experience.

Are there any tools we use to promote bathing?

Again, even 10 minutes in the tub can be a powerful practice and doesn’t always mean you need to carve out a huge amount of time or make it a seven step ritual. Although, we love doing that too. If you are looking to add some other tools, we suggest reducing EMFs, cutting out blue light to calm the nervous system, lighting beeswax candles, and even adding a meditation practice and having a journal nearby (I like to do “purge emotional writing” which is a stream of consciousness writing practice for 12 consecutive minutes. You then rip your paper up and don’t re-read your writing). It’s amazing the things that can come up after a soak — water really is a portal and heals us on more than just the physical level.

Which Saffron Soak is correct for me?

Look at the symptoms you’re feeling that day. For example, if you ate too much and are uncomfortable, take a moment for yourself to unwind with our Exheal Salt Bath and let your body and tummy release discomfort. If you’re feeling some minor skin irritations or hormonal challenges, let our Inheal Milk Bath blend soothe you.

Ready to start a healing bath practice? Check out the finer details of our two blends below…

Inheal™ Probiotic Saffron Milk Bath

Bathe in a cosmic concoction of natural probiotics and essential oils to replenish your body, lift your spirit, and balance your hormones. Turn on the tap and surrender to the flow.

Soak in it for: Deep hydration, temperature regulation, balancing the skin microbiome, and supporting vaginal flora.

Healing ingredients: Baking soda, Goat milk powder, Saffron, Sandalwood essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Vanilla essential oil, Rose essential oil.

Exheal™ Medicinal Saffron Salt Bath

Allow for digestive healing with saffron’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with mineral-rich Dead Sea salts to detoxify and exfoliate your skin. Open your heart and wash away all that no longer serves.

Soak in it for: Discomfort from gas and bloating, digestive support, and reducing inflammation.

Healing Ingredients: Baking soda, Sea salt, Saffron, Sandalwood essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Vanilla essential oil, Rose essential oil.

Shop our new saffron bath soaks here.

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