Wol Hide on Creating a Non-Toxic, Regenerative, & Wearable Wardrobe

01.11.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

Today on the podcast, we caught up with Leah D’Ambrosio, the founder and designer behind one of our favorite clothing brands, Wol Hide. Leah started Wol Hide to create an alternative to toxic textiles and fast fashion — and we are glad she did. Personally, we love the way her pieces feel on the skin and her timeless designs. Each piece focuses on true craft, subtle details, and textural elements as well as using natural, organic, and deadstock materials as much as possible. Wol Hide is also committed to minimal dyeing and chemical processing and maximizing natural materials — even their buttons aren’t plastic. However, as we learned today, starting a truly holistic fashion line is not easy and requires effort, planning, and an attention to detail. Leah humbly reminds us that even Wol Hide is a work in progress and that the industry has a long way to go. Yet, after this conversation, we’re definitely feeling uplifted about the future of fashion.

Specifically we dive into:

  • Leah’s path from Urban Outfitters and Anthrolpogie to creating her own line
  • The definition of holistic design (including creating timeless styles over trends and minimizing trimmings altogether)
  • Microplastics in our clothes (and in our blood stream)
  • Reframing our perspective on athleisure wear
  • Leah’s sources of inspiration from nature to other conscious designers in the space
  • Wol Hide’s move towards climate beneficial fabrics (and an exciting certification system)

We loved hearing from Leah on her design perspective and vision for the future. Make sure to tune in for the full ep and check out their incredible line at Wol Hide, a brand full of integrity, style, and substance.

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