The Power of Merging Eastern Philosophy With Western Tech

01.25.2022 The Fullest Podcasts

It’s impossible to live in the modern world and be unaffected by EMFs, geopathic and oxidative stressors, and free radicals. To be honest, it’s probably impossible to go off the grid and not be affected by the collateral damage of technology advancements. However, as we learn over the course of this conversation, it is possible to mitigate some of these more harmful effects. Today’s guest is Juraj Koča, the co-founder of Somavedic Technologies. If you haven’t yet discovered Somavedic, it is a scientifically proven device that effectively minimizes our exposure to cell phone radiation and improves our quality of sleep, focus, health, and even the structure of our water. It’s been growing fast thanks to its science-backed results and powerful testimonials, with many reporting it to be the most impactful tool in their EMF prevention arsenal.

We dive deep with Juraj on:

  • The science behind Somavedic and its ability to neutralize EMFs by creating a more powerful frequency.
  • Our bodies’ positive cellular response to the Somavedic gemstone frequencies.
  • Somavedics founder Ivan Rybjansky’s story and the way his pancreatic illness led him to co-create a healing product that blends Eastern and Western philosophy and science.
  • Somavedic’s ability to literally restructure water to create a more bioavailable option that many have said is more hydrating, more silky, and more flavorful.
  • The best position to place EMF prevention devices in the home and office.

If 5G and radiation have been an issue for you but you haven’t found a solution to its proliferation — this episode is definitely for you!

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