They say art imitates life, and so does THE FULLEST Faves. This month, as we all battle the cold and flu season, Nikki shares some of her tried and trusted homeopathic and herbal remedies. As many of us have been at home resting up from various aforementioned illnesses, we’ve also had the opportunity to look around our home and closets and get inspired to make some upgrades. If this is you — make sure to check out her custom furniture recommendations and kids clothing lines.

HVS Laboratories

I’ve mentioned before what a big believer I am in homeopathy, and I recently came across this brand of homeopathic blends that I’ve used for the entire family. My son was experiencing some minor thrush on his tongue and it transferred to my daughter because he would always grab her pacifier and place it in his mouth. After placing them both on the fungi and yeasts homeopathic remedy for two weeks, the thrush cleared very quickly. After experiencing the efficacy of the brand, I turned to the brand again when my family came down with Covid and used their virus blend as part of our treatment arsenal — it helped my daughter’s fever come down within hours. All their formulations are incredible and I suggest stocking up on their offerings.

Fever Reducer Tea

Our Mindful Immunity™ Super Protection Syrup is a great product to incorporate into your daily ritual. Although you may not be unwell today, it’s a powerful prophylactic and can keep your immunity strong through the cooler months. We like to use it in a number of ways but particularly when we’re experiencing the onset of symptoms as the combination of fennel and barberry has been scientifically proven to help reduce fevers. Try it for yourself if you’re feeling under the weather by adding two tablespoons to a mug of hot water with a pinch of organic fennel seeds.

Apolina Kids

My favorite clothing brand for my daughter! It has the sweetest prints and great materials that are friendly on her still delicate skin.


I love this high chair because it comes with two different leg lengths. Currently, we have the shorter leg length on and it means our daughter can sit at my son’s smaller table in the morning and have breakfast next to him. It’s so sweet!

Wooden Games

I’m always looking for games that exercise my mind and I recently came across 3D Tic Tac Toe. The amount of time thinking that was required before making a move really blew me away. If you’re looking for something to strengthen your mental capacity and are over passive brain activity like scrolling on your phone, buy a game and play it with your friends and loved ones!

Evans Joinery

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Joshua Evans, the founder of Evans Joinery, to custom build furniture for our office as well as an upcoming project we are launching. We truly admire his work from the custom pieces he has made for us to the beautiful pieces available on his website. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market!

Nikki Bostwick is the founder of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. She has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. Since launching, Nikki has grown THE FULLEST to include a weekly podcast, a botanical product line, and a wholesale business alongside her amazing team. She is also a mom of two, nestled in Newport Beach with her high school sweetheart and their Siberian Husky.

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