Sea buckthorn berry, sometimes referred to as the holy fruit of the Himalayas, is one of nature’s master healers. In reverence to this potent gift from Mother Earth, we dive deep on its origin story, hard facts, and many uses.

A Legacy of Healing

Sea buckthorn oil is used in Ayurvedic and East Asian Medicine. In fact, both these respectable medical schools have used sea buckthorn as a remedy against a multitude of ailments for thousands of years. Traditionally, the oil is extracted from the berries, leaves, and seeds of this small shrub that grows at high altitudes in the northwest Himalayan region, and then applied topically on the skin or used as an ingestible.

The Sacred Science

Although ancient wisdom has been aware of sea buckthorn berry for millennia, science has also confirmed its healing properties. Recent studies have shown that sea buckthorn:

  • Soothes allergies thanks to its high levels of quercetin (another one of nature’s master healers and most abundant antioxidants).
  • Provides a huge immunity boost and is basically citrus on steroids, coming in with 12x the amount of vitamin C of one orange. It’s also helpful as an expectorant in the treatment of colds and the flu.
  • Reduces your chance of cardiovascular disease as well as lowers blood pressure and promotes blood vessel health.
  • Regenerates skin from the inside out and has been used to help with dermatitis, acne, rashes, and even radiation damage.
  • Supports healthy digestion and can be very healing for anyone with stomach ulcers or inflammation in the gut — it also supports a healthy liver.

How to Apply It to Your Well-Being Practice


If you’re looking to add sea buckthorn into your routine for its internal health benefits such as cardiac health, cold and flu prevention, or allergies, we suggest Mindful Immunity™. Not only does it have sea buckthorn but it also contains other major healing players such as barberry, elderberry, saffron, and manuka honey. It’s a potent concoction and it tastes delicious — making it great for kids. Take on its own or mix with sparkling water for a refreshing tonic.


Living Libations Best Skin Ever has a cult following and for good reason. Made with silky sea buckthorn, it resets the skin to its natural state of luminous, sparkling wonder, and is an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. Using the power of sea buckthorn and other plant botanicals, it is packed with omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds. Definitely add it to your beauty arsenal for a ritual that is both nourishing and tonifying.

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