The Secret Supplement That’s Bringing Sexy Back

12.08.2021 Life
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When hearing the words “add more fiber to your diet,” it’s hard not to conjure up images of 90s All-Bran advertising and think its benefits stop and start at “keeping us regular.” Fiber has often been promoted towards an older lady demographic rather than millennial women and has kinda been given a bad rap in the wellness world. But just because it’s a word that doesn’t sound as exotic as ashwagandha or as nutritionally innovative as adaptogens, it doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly important. In fact, fiber is also a major player in gut health, reducing bloating, balancing our microbiome, and for the natural beauty queens — it also promotes glowing skin. And yet, 95% of us are not meeting our fiber needs. Perhaps one of the reasons we’re only hitting our fiber intake is because nobody likes to talk about how often we’re going to the bathroom? Regardless of the cause, the fact that fiber has been flying under the radar means that we’re missing out on all the glorious benefits of this essential nutrient.

To help tip the scales in fiber’s favor, wellness company Clear Digestive is on a mission to make fiber top of mind by making it, well, a little bit sexier — and we’re about it.

Fiber For Feeling Sexy Not Skinny

Fiber has historically been associated with quick weight loss schemes and abused by diet companies. While it is true that fiber removes waste from our system and that it can assist with weight loss, it’s more powerful benefit is that it detoxes our bodies naturally. When our bodies eliminate toxins, we feel less sluggish and bloated, and more energized — and vitality looks hot on everyone.

Natural Fiber For Natural Beauty

Okay, now this benefit has really been kept in the dark. Fiber helps your body absorb essential nutrients.

Basically, even if your diet is full of antioxidants and you’re adding collagen to your smoothies, if you’re not getting your fiber, then your beauty supps are not going to work as effectively.

Equally, there’s been a ton of research on the link between gut and skin health and fiber can support your entire microbiome. On the flip side, poor gut health results in inflammation which in turn can impact the skin causing dryness and even acne. Basically, a healthy gut is going to support glowing skin and amplify any of the other ingestible beauties you’re using.

So, How Do You Know If You’re Getting Enough Fiber?

Understanding if you’re getting enough fiber feels kind of elusive. Technically, it’s 25-30 grams but it’s hard to measure in numbers. All awkwardness aside, you need to monitor how often you are pooping; being regular is one of the core signs of good health, so if you’re skipping more than a few days — you probably need more fiber. It is also the amount we poop each time. If you find yourself not satisfied with your bathroom trips, take a look at your fiber intake and you may find you need more than you thought.

Fruits and vegetables are the number one source of fiber but even the “health conscious” can often under index on their fiber intake. If your nutrition isn’t supporting you — you’ll want to consider adding a supplement.

Make sure to choose a supplement that is actually clean. After all, is there any real point adding fiber to heal your gut if you’re only gonna ruin it with a supplement that’s full of toxins? For us, we’ve found Clear Digestive is one of the few fiber supplements that uses all-natural ingredients including: apples, flax and chia seeds, psyllium husk, and peas. Whether you think of Clear Digestive as a beauty supplement and keep it in your glow-up arsenal or have it filed under gut health support — hitting your fiber intake is going to have you feeling energized, clear, and revitalized and that is the true definition of sexy.

For 15% off your Clear Digestive order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

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