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A Note on Integrity in the Spiritual Realms

Diving into the world of spirituality and healing can be tricky without trusted guides and resources (emphasis on the trusted). Honing our own innate gifts, communicating with spirit, or making contact with past loved ones is nebulous by its very nature but it can be made more murky by the fact that spirituality (although a rapidly growing industry) is unregulated. Every name on THE FULLEST Guide to Remote Healing and Education Services has been personally vetted by one of our team members or is a friend of THE FULLEST. There are no affiliate links attached to any one of these healers or teachers — and to be honest, some aren’t even really on the Internet. All of this is to say that this guide in particular, is collated with utmost integrity but each person’s spiritual and healing journey is different, so as always, follow your intuition and if something feels correct or off, trust your own inner guidance first and foremost. Other than that, we hope you fall in love with the beauty and magic of exploring your inner world.

Astrological Counselling

Danielle Beinstein

Blending a Masters in Spiritual Psychology with her astrological training, Dani gracefully navigates the ethereal and physical worlds to help you find clarity, purpose, and connection to self. Expect a kind of cosmic therapy session that gives you a deeper understanding of your inner life and practical tools for greater self-compassion and loving accountability. If you’re looking to go deeper on your astrological journey, check out The Cosmic Compass, her monthly subscription service that supports self-directed learning of your own natal chart.

Emotion Code Healing

Megan Bauer

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson; it is an energetic form of healing that removes the blocked emotions preventing us from living life fully. Using muscle testing, it quickly identifies and releases hidden trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. It is fast gaining traction for its immediacy, relevance, and our ever-growing understanding of our emotion’s role in our physical health. Recognized by many, it has found advocates in notable wellness and development pioneers from Dr. Zach Bush to Tony Robbins. We love that it acknowledges that negative emotions are part of life, and then clears them once they outstay their welcome. Megan Bauer is a brilliant practitioner and we personally saw results from our very first session. Megan offers in-person, phone, and email sessions. You can also check out our IG Live with Megan for more information.

Feng Shui + Astrogeography

Dara Dubinet

Dara’s approach to feng shui is one that prioritizes the mindful over the grand and expensive. Feng shui is the art of placement, understanding the spatial impact of the things in our homes and ourselves affects us in the different areas of our lives. This ancient art helps us to create harmony and good fortune. Dara aims to help you create monumental changes from the smallest of feng shui cures.

If you’re a lover of astrology and looking for advice from the cosmos on location, Dara is a source to call on. Each of us has an astro-geographical map that helps us harness supportive planetary energies. Dara intuitively guides you through your astro-geo map and answers any questions you have regarding relocation, manifestation, travel, and love in relation to the best places to activate those areas. She also provides tools and tips for those unable to physically visit certain areas of the globe.

Outside of being a guiding light on the study of feng shui and astrogeography, Dara is a radiant intuitive that will lift your spirits and illuminate possibilities you may not have seen for yourself alone. She offers one-on-one consultations and online courses in both areas. Learn more about Dara on our podcast episode here.


Sue Meyer

The basic tenet of homeopathy is that “like cures like.” Homeopathy uses tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals, to activate a condition to stimulate the healing process. As it’s made with natural ingredients and not pharmaceuticals, many remedies can be found at health and grocery stores. It’s an amazing tool to incorporate into your natural Rx and Sue Meyer is a great guide for online homeopathic learning. She offers weekly resources, monthly mini-trainings, live Q&A calls, and has a fantastic resource library that’s highly accessible.

Human Design

Jenna Zoe

Technically, Human Design is a combination of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophies, but more specifically, it’s a road map that is unique to you. Rather than dictate the events of your life, Human Design gives you tools to maximize the best use of your energy. Jenna Zoe is one of the leading readers of the modality and has an innate gift for channelling Human Design for the modern person. After her private sessions rose in popularity, she created My Human Design to give greater accessibility to more people. The platform includes online courses, a roster of HD readers, and an app that breaks down your chart and gives you daily tips based on living your design — all at very affordable prices.

Manifestation, Inner Child, + Shadow Work

Lacy Phillips (To Be Magnetic)

If you haven’t heard of Lacy Phillips or To Be Magnetic, we’d be surprised. Lacy has become one of the leading voices on Manifestation and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and Forbes. Her unique approach aims to demystify the art of “calling it in” by supporting manifestation practices with neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming, and her own intuitive gifts. Lacy believes that manifesting is not just envisioning the life you want, it’s also consciously removing any limiting beliefs you may have picked up in childhood that are in conflict with your desires. If you’re interested in learning more about the art of manifestation, you can purchase a la carte courses such as How To Manifest, Inner Child, and Shadow Work or subscribe to The Pathway. Hear more about Lacy’s fundamentals on one of our first podcast episodes.

Negative Influence Removal

Margaret McCormick 

A newer form of remote healing, Negative Influence Removal is performed via the conscious channel, Margaret McCormick. It aims to address any negative energies that may have attached to your aura during a time in your life that you were weakened; be it going through trauma or grief, or under the influence of anesthesia or drugs/alcohol. A negative influence is usually a soul that has not fully passed to the spirit world and desperately tries to remain on earth by attaching to another person. If you feel that you are having issues or challenges that you can’t shake with your own healing path, you may consider looking into this modality. Margaret offers sessions on Negative Influence Removal, Home Clearings, Trapped Emotions, and Organ Age.

Metaphysical Healing

Raj Agni

A powerful healer that blends a number of modalities, Raj Agni offers remote metaphysical healing for the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical body. Well versed in both plant medicine and the healing arts, he is based in Maui and can be contacted for appointment via email at For more information on the specifics of his consultations, listen to our episode with him on THE FULLEST Podcast.

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