Good Together House is one of our favorite local home goods stores that has an answer for every domestic bliss need. You can pick up a Flamingo Estate produce box, shop the most elegant natural deodorants, scoop some vintage glassware, or employ their design services! Today, we chatted with Dana Marron of Good Together House and got her lowdown on the latest pantry staples, self-care practices, and well-being philosophy!

Q: This is obviously a moving target — but what’s your current wellness philosophy?

I have hereditary high cholesterol so as long as I can remember, “wellness” has been a hot topic in our household. Since then, I’ve continued to be mindful about wellness, now it’s basically second nature to me. It’s also important to my entire family; it’s how we live, it’s a constant state of mind.

Q: Which foods are currently taking prime positions in your kitchen pantry?

Flamingo Estate Farm Box, celery juice, matcha, oat milk, Pesto Sauce from Liesas, and salmon or grass-fed beef from the Laguna Beach Farmers Market.

Q: What’s your works-every-single-time mood booster?

Beach volleyball! It always makes us laugh out loud. There’s something grounding about having your feet in the sand, and you can sweat it alllll out!

Q: The last thing you Googled?

I am a co-owner of a home store in Laguna Beach called Good Together House. Meaning it could be anything from the very best natural deodorant, to how to find balance in your life!

Q: Who — or what — can you count on to make you laugh?

My friends, parents, and most importantly, my son and husband.

Q: Is there a practice, item, or piece of wisdom you’ve kept from childhood that still holds meaning for you today?

Make a list! I can’t even fall asleep until I write a list for the next day!

In terms of a piece of wisdom from childhood, my mom always told us to hold onto the moment. Don’t just go through the motions. I really try to live by that “live in the moment” mantra.

Q: When do you feel most beautiful?

In the summer after a swim in the ocean, I know it sounds silly, but it is my church.

Q: Do you have a dream floating in your orbit that’s not yet realized?

It’s not a dream for me personally, more for my son. He’s a senior in high school this year, and my hope is that I’ve done all I can as his mom. Has he experienced enough this far? How can I show him love and nurturing while still moving on to that next chapter? He’s an amazing kid.

Q: How does THE FULLEST align with you and fit into your life?

THE FULLEST Podcast was a complete game changer for me. I sold my business a few years back because it felt less important — meaning there was so much more out there that I wanted to learn. Nikki Bostwick showed me a whole new thought process that really expanded my world. Anything from Human Design (mind blown) to spirituality, to Ayurveda — the list goes on.

Dana Marron is the co-owner of Good Together House, a home goods, custom furniture, apothecary, and design services store in Laguna Beach. Prior to that, she was the co-owner of another locally famous store, Laguna Supply, and also spent nearly a decade as the VP of Design for Quicksilver.

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