This month our Editor In Chief, Nikki Bostwick, shares the books, brands, and advocates that are keeping her inspired, healthy, and happy. One of the perks of working in this industry is that you get alerted to the latest and greatest things dropping in the wellness scene. This month, keep your eyes peeled for Moon Juice’s newest manual to the Holistic Ranch’s first product drop.

Clear Digestive

As a long time fan of plant-based foods, I am well aware of the benefits of fiber. However, it’s the one supplement that’s lack of quality usually shocks me. It’s also considered the least sexy supplement and often is missed by the wellness industry. Learning about Clear Digestive, a wellness brand that is committed to getting a clean fiber supplement made with whole foods in front of more people, was a blessing. If you’re looking to support your gut and increase your fiber intake, this is the only supplement I recommend adding into your diet (outside of whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables in their original state).

For 15% off your Clear Digestive order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Holistic Ranch Grocer Shampoo + Conditioner

I was so excited when my friend Nicole Granato finally launched her first product in the Holistic Ranch line. It’s tough to find clean hair care that actually works — so, I’m happy to have this product in my arsenal!


My favorite childhood game! As a kid, I’d spend hours playing this game and brought it back into my life after my husband and I got rid of our TV. It’s super satisfying and meditative. We now play it with our toddler. This set from Anthropologie makes it a super cute addition to any game collection.

Moon Juice Manual

This is the ultimate compilation of adaptogens…from its glossary, to the way it breaks down the ways adaptogens work with our body, to their unique healing benefits, and their origins. Author, Amanda Chantal Bacon, has always had a gift for sharing information and this manual has me head over heels for medicinal mushrooms again. Amanda beautifully reminds us, they’re not a fad, and once discovered, they’re here for you for life. Be sure to buy a copy and make the Eleuthero Cookies ASAP!


Each time we publish a new City Guide, I get truly excited. I love traveling but find it time-consuming to research the wellness spots and fun shops that I’d love to visit. Now that we have these guides, it’s made life so much easier to make a reservation and note down our must do’s. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking to plan your next trip!

Lauren Manoogian

My favorite designer. She consciously sources materials and collaborates with Peruvian artisans to produce unique and distinctive pieces that are cozy and elevated.

Shop Wilkies

A brand new Brooklyn-based online shop and soon to open storefront that sells the most adorable baby and kids clothes. I highly recommend their selection — and wish they had my size!

Standing up for Freedom

I am so inspired by the healthcare workers, firefighters, other front line workers, and people all over the world who are standing up for their rights and overall freedom to have sovereignty over their bodies. It is so incredibly humbling to see them willing to give up everything they’ve worked so hard for in order to speak their truth. The way I see it, true freedom means people have the right to do what they want when it comes to their bodies, and should have nothing to do with your political beliefs.

Nikki Bostwick is the founder and editor in chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. She has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. Since launching, Nikki has grown THE FULLEST to include a daily digital platform, a weekly podcast, a botanical product line, and a wholesale business alongside her amazing team. She is also a mom of two, nestled in Newport Beach with her high school sweetheart and their Siberian Husky.

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