Kindred Spirits: Relationships, Money, and Forgiveness

10.19.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Our dear friends and mentors, Terces and Matthew Engelhart, join THE FULLEST podcast to talk about relationships in all its forms from marriage to business, siblings to our next door neighbors. You may be familiar with the Engelharts through their restaurants Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre, or Be Love Farm but their wisdom extends beyond sacred commerce and their heart-based hospitality empire. The happily married (and constantly working at it) couple are fonts of knowledge on matters of love, forgiveness, and union. Their coaching is based on their own direct experience, meaning they know that relationships can be challenging but they also know that choosing love, letting go of righteousness, and choosing to evolve together is a proven recipe for growth and deeper joy.

In this episode, they walk us through their own journey and offer some lessons and formulas that we can all implement immediately for healthier and more nourishing connections. As always, our host and founder, Nikki, vulnerably shares her story and allows herself to be coached on air, in the hope her experience helps others facing similar challenges. Spoiler alert: it does.

Tune in for some sage advice on true partnerships from teachers who genuinely love and serve.

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