A Yale MD on Mastering Your Hormones Naturally

10.05.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we sit down with Dr. Aviva Romm MD, a world-renowned midwife and herbalist, who also happens to be a Yale-trained doctor and board certified family physician. We always feel privileged to engage in conversations with physicians that are at the top of their field in both Western and alternative fields of medicine — and today is no different. Dr. Aviva brings a comprehensive new medicine base for women that is at once holistic and natural, while also being grounded in the best that science and research have to offer.

This episode’s also particularly relevant as it’s the first one back for Nikki after the birth of her second baby. Together, the pair discuss topics that include everything from GBS, to home births, to the power of having a trusted woman by your side during labor.

Dr. Aviva is a mom to four kids, and a grandmama to two little ones. Therefore, as Nikki and Dr. Aviva walk through these issues, they share their personal stories that provide valuable insight from a range of perspectives including mother-to-be, doula, friend, and doctor. If you’re looking for insight and information from one of the most respected minds in the fields of hormones, birthing, and integrated womens’ health — this one’s for you. 

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