Why Naturopathy Is an Evidence-Based Medicine with Dr. Asia

09.28.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

One of our favorite contributors, Dr. Asia Muhammad, joins the pod to dive deeper into naturopathic, evidence-based medicine. If you’re not familiar with her work — then you’re in for a treat. Dr. Asia has degrees in Chemistry, Biology, Naturopathic Medicine, and completed a three years post-graduation residency under two MD gastroenterologists. This combination of training has given her a profound understanding of the necessary balance between conventional and non-conventional medicine.

Building on her educational background, Dr. Asia brings an empowering, highly-researched, and no-bullshit approach to wellness and has helped her heal thousands of clients through her practice. She first caught our attention with her equally impressive content that she consistently shares with her social media audience. Concise, straight-shooting, and human, you’ll find posts that range from “9 Bomb Uses of Curcumin” to “The Alphabet of American Corruption.”

On today’s episode, Dr. Asia brings the same level of scientific knowledge, call-it-as-it-is truth bombs, and depth to a host of topics including vaccines, “healthy” versus “optimal health,” fatty liver disease, the bigger implications of organ removal, and the body’s subtle nuances that are often overlooked by Big Pharma and un-integrated medicine.

Please do yourself a favor and check her out on today’s episode and subscribe to her social handle @dr.asiamuhammad for a powerful perspective on the current health system and ways to optimize your own health.

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